Student Groups


Are you a creative writer/poet/playwright/wordsmith with precious little time to write during the school year? Are you looking for some feedback, a writing community, or a place to share your work? If so, you’re in luck! Creativitea is a group for creative writers in the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities. This group will provide a safe space for writers to workshop their writing and find new ways to improve their creative process outside of the academic sphere. It will also provide opportunities for people to give readings and performances of their work, learn about publications and events in the community, participate in block-busting writing prompts, and, of course, drink tea.

This group is run by SASAH students, but everyone from Western and the larger community is welcome, so feel free to invite your friends or send the invitation out to community contacts. The group runs for 2 hours just once a month (with some time for workshopping & discussion and some time to just sit and write).

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Coming at you in 2016 is a brand new interdisciplinary on-campus publication called ICONOCLAST that will be dedicated to creating content about art, culture and politics – and anything you feel falls under these categories. We will be featuring visual art, photography, media and film, musical critiques and reflections, creative writing, think pieces, personal essays, and fashion writing. We will be publishing two editions of the publication a year – one per semester. They will appear both online and in print copies. In addition to these two editions we will also have a more regularly updated blog featuring more topical pieces, as well as events that will be announced throughout the year (think: prof and student discussion panels, podcasts, gallery showings, zine fairs, and everything in between). ​ We are looking for innovative and critical thinkers who have something to say, something to show, and above all have passion. We are looking for people who want to push boundaries, open up dialogues and conversations, share their work on a public platform, and develop a community of artists who are able to thrive together, learn from each other and inspire, as well as produce excellent content for the Western community. ​ If you’re interested, shoot an email to Sama Al Zanoon or Nara Monteiro for more details at and, respectively.

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