Technical Services, Arts & HumanitiesWestern Arts and Humanities

Equipment Lending

Equipment Lending Office Location: AHB 1B09
Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 10:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00


Lending Conditions:

1. You must be a member of the Faculty of Arts & Humanities.

2. Lending periods are 24 hours Monday to Friday, and for the weekend Friday to Monday (with the exception of civic holidays). Weekend lending periods end by 11 am on the return day.

3. Equipment can be booked for a period of up to 24 hours. Equipment may be picked up anytime after the booking period begins, but will still be returned by the end of the booking period (with the exception of the weekend).

4. Equipment must be returned by the date and time specified on the equipment sign-out sheet. Anything returned after the lending period will be considered late and charged a late fee of $5 per item per day.

5. It is expected that the borrower will report any problems with the equipment upon return.

6. There are mandatory training sessions for use of film & video production equipment. It is only with the consent of the Media Technician that this requirement may be waived.


Booking Procedures:

Please be advised that there are a limited amount of resources and no guarantees can be made that equipment will be available unless you have booked it well in advance.


For Students

Students must obtain a user account prior to borrowing equipment. Authorized users will have access to an online booking system for multimedia equipment lending. Students must submit a loaning contract, completed in full, to activate an account. The contract must be signed by the student, the course instructor, and approved by the Technical Services' Media Technician. Once the contract is submitted, the account will be activated within 2 business days. Loaning contracts can by picked up from the Equipment Lending Office in AHB 1B09 during office hours.

General University Classrooms (GU) in University College (UC)

In University College, A/V Carts are available for Registrar time-tabled courses in GU classrooms that do not have permanently-installed audio-visual equipment. A typical A/V Cart is equipped with a data projector, a computer, a laptop connection, DVD and VCR playback capabilities. A/V Carts are booked through Faculty of Arts & Humanities Technical Services, click here.