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Brian Branfireun, PhD

Ecohydrology, biogeochemistry and wetland ecosystem science

Brian Branfireun Position:


Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Environment and Sustainability 
Cross-appointed with Earth Sciences and Geography
BGS 2064
Biotron 5
office: (519) 661-2111 x 89221 
lab: (519) 661-2111 x 89222 
519 661-3935

Taking an interdisciplinary environmental science approach, Dr. Branfireun and his research group seek to understand the bidirectional nature of hydrological – ecological interactions at a range of scales. They direct their efforts toward ecosystems that are particularly sensitive to the impacts of natural and human-induced environmental change. Dr. Branfireun is involved in projects studying the hydrology, ecology and biogeochemistry of wetland-dominated environments from the Canadian sub-arctic to the sub-tropics of Mexico. Dr. Branfireun's research program is strongly field oriented, using the latest approaches to the measurement of environmental processes. He also directs a modern laboratory facility in the BIOTRON Institute for Experimental Climate Change Research at Western University for the study of speciated trace metals in the environment such as mercury and arsenic.

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