Western University BiologyWestern Science

2017-2018 Graduate Courses Offered

Summer 2018 Half Courses

Course Number Title
Instructor Notes
Biology 9917L Scientific Leadership Milligan & Sinclair Maximum enrollment: 20
Restricted to students who have completed their Ph.D. proposal assessment
(or similar milestone for students registered in programs other than Biology)

Fall 2017 Half Courses

Course Number Title
Instructor Notes
Biology 9240A Topics in Biology: Plant Biotechnology Hannoufa & Tian Held at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Maximum enrollment: 15
Biology 9440A Topics in Ecology & Evolution: Entomology McNeil Cross-listed with Biology 4420A
Biology 9561A
section 001
Topics in Genes & Genomes I: Genes and Gene Families
Kohalmi Maximum enrollment: 12
Biology 9563A Topics in Genetics I: Advances in Epigenetics Kramer & Singh Minimum enrollment: 7
Maximum enrollment: 14
Biology 9654A Special Topics in Animal Physiology II: Quantitative Approaches to Environmental Physiology Staples Minimum enrollment: 5
Maximum enrollment: 10
Biology 9912A Biological Electron Microscopy Gardiner Maximum enrollment: 6
Biology 9915A Analytical Methods and Study Design Bonner Maximum enrollment: 30
Cross-listed with Biology 4259F
Biology 9960A Topics in Biological Methods: Stable Isotope Applications for Biologists Hobson Maximum enrollment: 8

Winter 2018 Half Courses

Course Number Title
Instructor Notes
Biology 9216B The Third Reviewer Zanette Maximum enrollment: 8
Students outside of E&E require permission of the instructor
Biology 9289B Biosystematics and Phylogenetics Lachance Cross-listed with Biology 4289B
Biology 9419B Global Change Biology Way Maximum enrollment: 20
Biology 9437B Hormones and Behaviour
MacDougall-Shackleton, S. Maximum enrollment: 12
Cross-listed with Psychology 3226B
Biology 9438B Topics in Landscape Genetics
Biology 9561B
section 002
Genes and Genomes I: Genome Editing
Percival-Smith Maximum enrollment: 20
Biology 9916B Statistical Modeling of Biological Data
Rubin Maximum enrollment: 15
Biology 9918B Entrepreneurial Science V Grbic  Maximum enrollment:  10

Course Registration

Starting with the September 2011 term, students will register online for their Biology graduate courses through the Student Centre.  

Although paperwork will not be required for students enrolling in Biology graduate courses for credit, students who wish to audit Biology graduate courses, take or audit undergraduate courses (approved by their advisory committee in writing) or take or audit out of program courses, will still be required to submit the appropriate paper forms as noted below.  This includes enrollment in the collaborative programs Environment & Sustainability and Developmental Biology. 

Students who were in enrolled in the Biology graduate program before September 1, 2010, will continue to be enrolled in either Biology 9100 (Master’s program) or Biology 9150 (Doctoral program) as a graduate course, however, the graduate program coordinator will look after this.  For all students who joined the graduate program on September 1, 2010 and going forward, Biology 9100 and Biology 9150 will appear as a milestone on the academic record.  Students are no longer required to do anything with respect to to enrollment for Biology 9100 and Biology 9150.  

For additional information on course enrollment, please see the SGPS website http://grad.uwo.ca/current_students/course_enrollment.htm

Course Enrolment Forms and Deadlines

To audit a Biology course, students must complete the “Graduate Course Audit Form” found on the following website.


To take an out of program course, including the collaborative programs Developmental Biology and Environment and Sustainability, students must complete the “Request to Enrol in a Graduate Course Outside Home Program” linked below.*


To take an undergrad course for credit or audit as approved by the advisory committee (must be on appropriate advisory committee meeting form), students must complete the “Graduate Student Taking Undergraduate Course Form”.*


*Where paper enrolment forms are required, you must:

  • complete both forms on the sheet where applicable
  • ensure that if you have two supervisors, both sign the form, and
  • submit the completed form to the Graduate Program Coordinator before the posted term deadline

Graduate students in Biology may also select their courses from those offered through the Collaborative Program in Environment and Sustainability.

For information on the courses, please contact the instructors directly.

Deadlines for the submission of paper enrollment forms to BGS 2025 for the fall 2017 term are as noted below:

  • For all undergraduate course forms, the deadline is Friday, January 12, 2018 at 4:00PM
  • For all graduate course forms, the deadline is Friday, January 26, 2018 at 4:00PM