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Research Grants and Thesis Awards

Small grants for graduate students can provide funding for extra projects, or help expand projects to increase their scientific impact. Additionally, it looks great on a CV if you have evidence of receiving external grant funds. Even applying for these grants is a good experience if you plan to continue in academia. Small grants are often offered by scientific societies and are usually focused on a particular taxon or system. This file lists many of the available opportunities for small grants that are open to graduate students. This list will necessarily be a continually changing work; please email suggested additions or changes to the Research Committee.

Thesis Awards:

The following awards will be given to the most meritorious graduate students obtaining a Master’s or Doctoral degree in the Biology graduate program. These awards are based on the merit of the candidate’s thesis and oral examination. No application is required for consideration of these awards. All completed theses are automatically included for consideration of one of the following.

Chunfang Hu Award

This award was established by the faculty, staff and students of the former Department of Plant Sciences to honor the memory of Chunfang Hu and to reward excellence in graduate level research.

Value: $300

J.D. Detwiler Award

Value: $1,500

Dr. John W Arnold Fellowship in Zoology

All things being equal, preference will be given to students in the area of Entomology or Ornithology. Eligible candidates must not hold any other major internal graduating award

Value: $1,300