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Functional Genetics and Cell Biology Seminar Series 2013

This seminar series offers graduate students in Biology an opportunity to communicate their proposed research or research findings in progress in a setting not unlike thesis assessment and defence presentations, and conference platform presentations. Individual student seminars are followed by question/answer or discussion sessions. Students attending the seminars provide written comments to the presenter regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the seminar content and form. Faculty in attendance meet with the presenter immediately following the class to point out the effective aspects of the presentation and provide strategies for strengthening other aspects of the seminar.

Guests welcome.

Winter 2014 Schedule

We typically meet Wednesdays at 5:45 pm in BGS1056.

*This seminar series represents Part 2 (Communication) of Bio 9100/9150. Although occasional absences are understandable, please notify J. Karagiannis or S. Kohalmi if attendance is not possible. Consistent absence without a good reason will result in a grade of “Unsatisfactory” for this course in this semester, with implications for withdrawal from the graduate program.

Instructions for Graduate Students will be provided here soon.

You may contact J. Karagiannis or S. Kohalmi for further information.