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Biology Seminar Series - 2014

Departmental seminars explore all aspects of biology, and are are held on Fridays, 12:30-1:30, in BGS 0153 (unless otherwise noted). Refreshments will be provided.

All queries should be directed to Danielle Way.

All are welcome to attend!

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Host Title
Sept 5 Doug Haffner
University of Windsor
Brian Branfireun Fish Tales on the Collapse of the Lake Huron Food Web
12 No seminar - Department BBQ
19 Rebeca Rosengaus
Northeastern University (Boston)
Graham Thompson The Role of Microbes on the Evolution of Social Immunity: Disease Resistance at the Colony Level
26 John Ratcliffe
University of Toronto Mississauga
Brock Fenton Two sides to the story: flexible perception in echolocating bats andsimple decision-making in tiger moths
Oct 3 Mungo Marsden
University of Waterloo
Sashko Damjanovski Integrin signalling in Xenopus Development
17 Brad Fedy
University of Waterloo
Nusha Keyghobadi Integrating habitat selection, landscape genetics, and population demography in wildlife populations across large extents
24 Andrew Swan
University of Windsor
Tony Percival-Smith Novel role for the meiosis-specific APC/C regulator Cort in sex determination
31 Alex Smith
University of Guelph
Zoe Lindo Neotropical diversity gradients: opportunities, inferences and assumptions
Nov 7 Peter White
Michigan State University
Tom Haffie/Denis Maxwell Teaching Evolution to Undergraduates: An Integrative Case Approach
14 Jean-Francois Pombert
Illinois Institute of Technology
David Smith A host-derived septin in the microsporidian Ordospora colligata suggests an unusual receptor-mediated endocytosis infection strategy
21 Scott Pletcher
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
Anne Simon Neuronal control of aging in Drosophila
28 Lauren Chapman
McGill University
Jim Staples Swamps and Stress: Hypoxia as a driver of phenotypic divergence in African fishes
Dec 5 Jacqueline Litzgus
Laurentian University
Amanda Moehring Mitigating threats to reptile populations: Successes and challenges
Jan 9 Doug Tallamy
University of Delaware
Greg Thorn Evaluating novel ecosystems
16 Paul Hanson
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (TN)
Brian Branfireun SPRUCE Deep Peat Heating Manipulations:  in situ Methods to Characterize the Response of Deep Peat to Warming
23 Jenny Boughman
Michigan State University
Amanda Moehring TBA
30 Joel Levine
University of Toronto Mississauga
Anne Simon TBA
Feb 6 David Hanson
University of New Mexico
Grad students TBA
13 Dan Hardy
University of Western Ontario
Greg Kelly Postnatal catch-up growth and the Metabolic Snydrome: Elucidating the Underlying Molecular Mechanisms
27 Ray Huey
University of Washington
Brent Sinclair Why Mountain Passes are Still Higher in the Tropics:  Variations on a Theme by Dan Janzen
Mar 6 Ehab Abouheif
McGill University
Brent Sinclair What soldier and supersoldier ants reveal about evolution and development
13 Jayne Yack
Carleton University
Grad students Acoustic Defences in Caterpillars: Let the Youth Have Their Say!
20 Gaby Katul
Duke University
Danielle Way Optimality theories and multi-scale modeling of ecosystem structure and function
27 Matthew Smith
Wilfred Laurier University
Susanne Kohalmi Structure, function and specificity of the chloroplast protein import apparatus
April 10 Madhur Anand
University of Guelph
Zoe Lindo Modelling disturbance dynamics in forests
17 Jamie Kramer
University of Western Ontario
Shiva Singh