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Biology Seminar Series - Fall 2017

Departmental seminars explore all aspects of biology, and are are held on Fridays, 12:30-1:30, in BGS 0153 (unless otherwise noted). Refreshments will be provided.

All queries should be directed to Jamie Kramer.

All are welcome to attend!

Fall 2017 Schedule

22 Sep Mark Bernards GC, LC, MS, TOF: The Alphabet Soup of Small Molecule Analysis
29 Sep Diane Bassham Regulation of autophagy by stress and hormone signaling pathways
6 Oct Ken Lukowiak Some snails are smarter than others, why and how substances in food alter cognitive ability.
20 Oct Biology Graduate Research Forum Forensic DNA Analysis at the RCMP National Forensic Laboratory Services
27 Oct Heidi Swanson Ecosystem connectivity and ecology of fishes: insights from migrations and trophic ecology of Northern Pike, Arctic Grayling, and Lake Trout
3 Nov Evan Delucia Rethinking American Agriculture from an Ecosystem Perspective
10 Nov Robert Raguso When flowers (and mosses) play dead: chemical mediation of brood-site deception
17 Nov Art Poon The Phylogeneticist On Call: how trees shaped health policy and stopped an outbreak
24 Nov HELEN BATTLE LECTURE Dr. Norm Huner "Food Security and Crop Productivity in response to climate change:green revolution or cultural revolution?"
1 Dec Hugh Broders Social and population structure of temperate bats
12 Jan Vojislava Grbic Plant-herbivore interactions: a case of an extreme generalist, the two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae
19 Jan Ben Bolker Eco-evolutionary dynamics of virulence: the devil is still in the details
26 Jan Paul Smith Geese, gizmos and globetrotters: how ecology and technology contribute to the conservation of Canada’s Arctic birds
2 Feb Brian Ciruna Understanding the origins of idiopathic scoliosis: a twisted ‘tail' of cilia and cerebrospinal fluid flow defects.
9 Feb Danielle J. Whittaker Using common scents: chemosignaling with symbiotic microbes in songbirds
16 Feb Tanya Noel Bridging barriers and crossing thresholds: Identifying and addressing misconceptions in biology to improve learning.
2 Mar Jessica Grahn Why do we move to music: Rhythm and the brain
9 Mar Oswald Schmitz The evolutionary ecology of ecosystem functioning: linking predator functional traits to soil carbon retention across a human land use gradient.
16 Mar Catherine Linnen From mutations to species: causes and consequences of phenotypic variation in pine sawflies
23 Mar HELEN BATTLE LECTURE Beth MacDougall-Shackleton  "Love in the Time of Malaria"
6 Apr Jeremy McNeil Cadavers, Cadavers and GMOs: Vignettes in Chemical Ecology

There are times when notable speakers visit the department who are not part of the weekly series. These seminars have no set time or venue, but they too explore a wide range of topics in biology. All are welcome to attend!

Special Seminar Schedule

3 Oct Emilie Widemann Regulation of the jasmonate hormonal catabolism by the cytochromes P450 from the CYP94 family and the amido-hydrolases IAR3 and ILL6 in Arabidopsis thaliana 12:00 noon BGS 2084
4 Oct Zsofia Szendrei How to survive in a challenging world: insecticide resistance and host plant selection by an agricultural pest 3:00 pm BGS 2084
16 Oct Han Chen FACULTY CANDIDATE - Tier 1 CRC Chair in Comple Environmental Sysems Modeling and Analysis
Diversity and function of terrestrial ecosystems under global changes
2:30 pm PAB 100
21 Nov Chunsen Ma Resolving biological impacts of climate warming in agricultural pests under simulated fluctuating temperature 3:30 pm BGS 2084
Jan 18 Florian Busch What determines the photosynthetic CO2 uptake in plants? How mechanistic models improve our understanding of plant physiology 2:30 pm 301L NCB