The PhD Med Biop Clin MSc CAMPEP Accredited Program

Offered as Part of the Medical Biophysics Graduate Program

(last updated: March 7th, 2014)

In 2010, we received approval from the Commission on the Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (, to offer the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program to eligible students interested in a clinical physics career.The program includes a research-oriented thesis component and a specially-designed didactic curriculum.

This is excellent news because new rules are evolving that will address eligibility to sit certification examinations (e.g. ABR, MCCPM) for medical physicists working in hospitals. The new PhD Med Biop Clin MSc CAMPEP Accredited Program is a variant of our current PhD program with specific entrance requirements and a significant increase in course load.

Graduands will receive two diplomas at their Western University convocations. The first diploma will confer the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Medical Biophysics and the second diploma will confer the degree of Master of Science Clinical Medical Biophysics. The Doctor of Philosophy Medical Biophysics infers successful completion of all department course requirements and a thesis research component. The Master of Science Clinical Medical Biophysics infers successful completion of the additional specially designed CAMPEP accredited curriculum. The two degrees are completed concurrently but may require a total of six years of study to complete.

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Prior to beginning your application, you must read the following critical information about admission eligibility and the application process.

Admission to the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc (CAMPEP) program at Western is highly competitive. Only applicants with suitable academic qualifications described in the material below will be considered for admission. Once an applicant's qualifications have been approved by the Medical Biophysics CAMPEP co-ordinator, placement in the program will be contingent upon the number of positions available at the start of each annual recruitment cycle.

If You Are An Honors BSc Applicant Interested in the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program .... 

Be advised that we do NOT offer a 'stand-alone' MSc CAMPEP degree. 

However, as an applicant who will soon complete your BSc degree, you are eligible for consideration of admission to our regular MSc program for Fall 2014. If you have already submitted a “PhD Med Biop Clin MSc” application, your application status will automatically be changed to the regular MSc stream and circulated to all recruiting Medical Biophysics supervisors unless you state otherwise. Should you be offered admission to our regular MSc program, you may have an opportunity to reclassify to the PhD MedBio MSc Cl (CAMPEP) stream by the end of your 5th term (20 months) or after you complete your MSc degree provided:

(a) You meet all the course requirements set by CAMPEP for admission to the program as determined by the CAMPEP co-ordinator.

(b) Your supervisor agrees to continue as your PhD supervisor and has sufficient funding for you to complete your degree by the end of your 15th term (5 years) of combined registration as a MSc and PhD student.  

(c) There is a placement available in the PhD MedBio MSc Cl program at the time of your reclassification.

If your supervisor is unable to provide sufficient support then you will have the option to complete your regular MSc degree and re-apply to the PhD Med Bio MSc Cl (CAMPEP) program in order to be considered for a match with another graduate supervisor. Application to the program under these circumstances will not guarantee a placement. This will be subject to the availability of a position, a suitable supervisor, and funding. 

In exceptional circumstances, a BSc applicant may be offered direct-entry to our PhD Program, including the “PhD Med Biop Clin MSc” option providing the applicants has met all the course requirements set by CAMPEP for admission to the program as determined by the CAMPEP co-ordinator. This option is only available to exceptional students with an undergraduate average mark of over 85% with evidence of research experience and potential.  

If You Have a Previous MSc degree and Interested in the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program .... 

You must meet the following two mandatory requirements:

(a) Hold a MSc degree in an appropriate physics field which has prepared them for this stream.

(b) Have completed an undergraduate physics education that includes at least three upper level (3rd or 4th year) half-courses in traditional physics such as classical mechanics/dynamics, quantum mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermal physics, atomic/nuclear physics, optical physics, or laboratory physics. These course requirements will be determined by the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc program co-ordinator.

If You Are a Current Medical Biophysics MSc student Who Plans to Reclassify to PhD Status and Interested in the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program ....

Current Medical Biophysics MSc students who choose to reclassify to PhD status and meet the mandatory requirements in item (b) above, may be considered for admission to the PhD Med Biop MSc Clin program. However, applicants must declare their intent to the CAMPEP co-ordinators, Drs. Jerry Battista and Rob Stodilka, prior to their reclassification meeting with their supervisor and advisory committee.  

CAMPEP Tuition at Western
CAMPEP Tuition @ Western

Tuition Fees for the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc Program

Students who are offered enrollment in the PhD Med Biop Clin MSc CAMPEP Accredited Program will be assessed tuition at a higher annual rate than other doctoral students.  This amounts to an increment of approximately $6,000 per annum in addition to the standard graduate tuition fees set by Western’s Office of the Registrar. As an example, please refer to the Fall Term 2013 Clinical Medical Biophysics fees schedule posted on this web page from the Registrar’s website (see last item on page 2).

Bursaries and part-time clinical physics employment may be available on an annual basis to offset the increased tuition. Complete details regarding the annual cost of tuition and tuition support will be outlined in successful applicants' letters of offers from the Medical Biophysics graduate program.


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If you have any further questions about this program, please contact Dr. Jerry Battista  or Dr. Rob Stodilka

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Important News for 2014 Graduate Applicants

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please indicate in which area(s) of graduate research you are interested & why your academic and research background has attributes relevant to your intention to pursue a graduate degree in Medical Biophysics.

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