Hemodynamics & Cardiovascular Biomechanics 



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Cardiologist and Medical Biophysics
faculty member Dr. Geoffrey Pickering
describes a new strategy for
stimulating the formation of
highly functional new
blood vessels in damaged tissue

about Dr. Pickering's research


Our faculty and their graduate students conduct research in partnership with globally recognized faculty supervisors and clinicians at state-of-the-art facilities located at The University of Western Ontario, London Regional Cancer Program, Lawson Health Research Institute, Robarts Research Institute, and the London Health Sciences Centre. After graduation, students find rewarding careers in the healthcare sector, biomedical industry, and academia; others pursue further training in professional schools such as medicine, dentistry, or business. 

If you have a 4 year Honours Degree (or M.Sc.) in Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Biology, Medical Sciences or a related field, and are interested in biomedical research, you are invited to apply to our graduate program.

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Keywords Describing
Research Expertise


Geographical Location

Medical Biophysics in London


Area Code

E-mail Address

Maria Drangova

Graduate Supervisory Privileges

Robarts Research Institute


Cardiovascular imaging using
magnetic resonance imaging
and computed tomography,
cardiovascular imaging
guided intervention,
device development

x 34064

J. Geoff Pickering

Graduate Supervisory Privileges

Robarts Research Institute


Slowing vascular cell aging,
characterizing communication pathways
between vascular cells
and extracellular matrix,
how endothelial cells and
vascular smooth muscle cells interact
to regenerate new blood
vessels in diseased hearts

x 34415

Tamie Poepping

Graduate Supervisory Privileges


Imaging Research
& Medical Physics
Physics & Astronomy 
UWO Campus
Ultrasonic techniques for non-invasive
imaging and flow visualization,
local hemodynamics in
vascular disease, computational fluid
dynamics, Doppler ultrasound
imaging, atherosclerotic plaques
and flow turbulence
661 - 2111
x 86431 


Frank Prato

Graduate Supervisory Privileges

Medical Imaging
Lawson Research Institute
Grosvenor Street Campus
St. Joseph's Health Ctre


Imaging for cardiovascular therapeutics,
biomedical multimodality hybrid
imaging, non-invasive molecular
imaging of cancer growth
and metastasis using magnetic
resonance imaging and a novel
reporter gene, ischemic heart
disease imaging


x 64140

Abbas Samani

Graduate Supervisory Privileges
Cardiovascular Biomechanics
University Campus


Soft tissue modeling,
magnetic resonance elastography,
electrical impedance tomography,
medical image registration,
imaging of myocardial
biomechanical parameters

661 - 2111

x 82723 

Gerald Wisenberg

Graduate Supervisory Privileges

Medical Imaging
Lawson Research Institute
Grosvenor Street Campus
St. Joseph's Health Ctre


Using various imaging
modalities (SPECT, PET, MRI
and CT) to guide
stem cell injection
for stem cell therapy
in myocardial regeneration





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Founder, Medical Biophysics, UWO, and
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Inductee


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