CAMBR Distinguished Lecturer and Research Day 2011

Materials and Biomaterials Research - Faculty Members

Kim Baines (Chemistry)

Robert Bartha (Medical Biophysics)

Audrey Bouvier (Earth Sciences)

Paul Charpentier (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

John Corrigan (Chemistry)

John de Bruyn (Physics and Astronomy)

Styliani Constas (Chemistry)

Mike Cottam (Physics and Astronomy)

Colin Denniston (Applied Mathematics)

Zhifeng Ding (Chemistry)

Giovanni Fanchini (Physics and Astronomy)

Roberta Flemming (Earth Sciences)

Elizabeth Gillies (Chemistry & Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Joe Gilroy (Chemistry)

Harvey Goldberg (Biochemistry & Dentistry)

Lyudmila Goncharova (Physics and Astronomy)

Miodrag Grbic (Biology)

Vojislava Grbic (Biology)

Andy Hrymak (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Yining Huang (Chemistry)

Robert Hudson (Chemistry)

Jeff Hutter (Physics and Astronomy)

Dazhi Jiang (Earth Sciences)

Liying Jiang (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)

Robert Klassen (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)

Takashi Kuboki (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)

Lars Konermann (Chemistry)

François Lagugné-Labarthet (Chemistry)

Robert Linnen (Earth Sciences)

Argyrios Margaritis (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Philip McCausland (Earth Sciences)

Stewart McIntyre (Chemistry)

Kibret Mequanint (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Silvia Mittler (Physics and Astronomy)

Desmond Moser (Earth Sciences)

Moncef Nehdi (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Tim Newson (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Paul Ragogna (Chemistry)

Amin Rizkalla (Dentistry & Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Peter Rogan (Biochemistry)

Sohrab Rohani (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

Jayshri Sabarinathan (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Rick Secco (Earth Sciences)

Oleg Semenikhin (Chemistry)

TK Sham (Chemistry)

Sean Shieh (Earth Sciences)

David Shoesmith (Chemistry)

Peter Simpson (Physics and Astronomy)

Mahi Singh (Physics and Astronomy)

Walter Siqueira (Biochemistry & Dentistry)

Yang Song (Chemistry)

Andy Sun (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)

Wankei Wan (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

James Wisner (Chemistry)

Tony Withers (Earth Sciences)

Jeff Wood (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)

Mark Workentin (Chemistry)

Clara Wren (Chemistry)

Jun Yang (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)

Jin Zhang (Chemical and Biochemical Engineering)

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Congratulations to the 2016 AMBI Undergraduate Research Award recipients:

Yi Min Liang working with Dr. John Corrigan (Chemistry) and Dr. Giovanni Fanchini (Physics and Astronomy)

Keifer Stevenson working with Dr. Zhifeng Ding (Chemistry) and Dr. Jun Yang (Mech and Mater Engineering)

Anastasiya Vinokurtseva working with Dr. Robert Hudson (Chemistry) and Dr. Robert Bartha (Medical Biophysics)

Information on the program can be found by clicking -->here<--.


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Western University
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