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Tai Chi / Kung Fu


Bringing together self-defence with meditation, Western Tai Chi & Kung Fu Club is a Western Recreation Sport Club whose main goal is to promote the Chinese Athletic Culture and Chinese Martial Arts. We teach both Tai Chi and Praying Mantis Kung Fu.

Tai Chi Chuan can be translated as the Supreme Ultimate Force. For many the appeal of Tai Chi is not first as a martial art, but as a meditative exercise for the body. Learning Tai Chi provides a practical avenue for learning balance, alignment, and fine-scale motor control. Laoshi Steven Holbert, Director and Instructor of the Phoenix Tai Chi Centre in London, teaches the class the Yang style long form, building on the 24 Beijing style.

Praying Mantis Kung Fu offers a well-rounded system of self-defence that includes both striking and grappling. The blended system that our instructor teaches is made up of Ship Pal Ki Praying Mantis Kung Fu and includes certain aspects of Korean Hapkido. Our instructor, Shifu Mike, has been the first instructor to teach Kung Fu in London, and has several decades of experience studying various Martial Arts.

Western TKF Club welcomes everyone to come be part of this amazing club! No previous experience is required but it is welcomed just the same.


Fall term (Sep-Dec) = $55 + HST
Winter term (Jan-Apr) = $55 + HST
Fall/Winter term (Sep-Apr) = $80 + HST

 Please Contact Us with any questions at uwotaichi@gmail.com


Club registration is available at Campus Recreation, Membership Services in the Western Student Recreation Centre (WSRC). Membership in Sport Clubs is open to Western students and fee-paying adults (minimum 18 years of age) who have a valid Campus Recreation membership.

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Refund Policy

All memberships will be refunded within 14 days of purchase, minus a 10% administration fee*. After this 14-day trial period, partial refunds will be issued for medical reasons only (with written documentation).

* The 10% administration fee may be waived if transferring to another program/Club or leaving a credit on account for future purchases.

On occasion, certain facilities may not be available due to maintenance, special events, etc. Campus Recreation will provide notice whenever possible, but memberships will not be extended.


Sport Club practices for Fall 2017 begin on Sunday, September 24 and will conclude on Saturday Dec 2, 2017.
Winter 2018 begin on Monday Jan. 8 and will conclude on Saturday April 7, 2018.

9:00-10:00 am (WSRC Studio #2) - Tai Chi
Thursday: 9:00-10:30 pm (WSRC Studio #2) - Kung Fu

Cancelled Dates:
Fall Reading Week - October 7-14, 2017
Winter Reading Week - February 17-24, 2018