Western Chaplain


David Wiseman <dwisema2@uwo.ca>
Baptist Chaplain
University Community Centre, room 38B

David G. Wiseman <dwisema2[at]uwo.ca> is the Baptist Chaplain at Western. He is currently completing his Masters of Theological Studies (with a concentration in Chaplaincy) at Huron University College. His background is, to say the least, eclectic. His father has been, at different times, a pastor, a missionary (at least twice) and an active member in various churches which tended to have him moving every 2 or 3 years. High School was completed in The Republic of South Africa (Roodepoort, just west of Johannesburg) after which he came to Western where he majored in Computer Science while writing and teaching Bible courses at his local Baptist church. After graduating he worked for the Department of Computer Science (on staff but also as a lecturer) for some 31 years before retiring (early). Throughout that period he continued to write and teach Bible courses for his church. He was also involved in two church plants here in London (one Baptist and one Presbyterian).

Shortly after his retirement, he and his wife ended up teaching Middle School and High School in Bangladesh where he fell into the position of High School Chaplain. Upon his return, having had more fun being a Chaplain than expected, he came back to Western to study Chaplaincy at the Masters level. He continues to frustrate his father by refusing to announce any plans for what he will do after he finishes this degree. However, what we can say is that he is working as an intern Chaplain at Western while he finishes it.

David will be hosting the following activities during the 2017-2018 academic term: