Western Chaplain

Christian Reformed Campus Ministry

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Dr. Michael R. Wagenman <mwagenma[at]uwo.ca> is the Christian Reformed campus minister at Western. He completed his PhD at the University of Bristol (UK) on the philosophy and theology of power within civic institutions. He writes regularly in academic and popular journals and is a member of a number of learned societies. His academic research addresses the philosophy and theology of power in the Modern and Postmodern periods (Max Weber to Michel Foucault), the history and theology of Calvinism and Neo-Calvinism, and the theological justifications of racism in North America and South Africa. He serves on the Race Relations Advisory Board for the Christian Reformed Church and also works at the national ecumenical level to address racism in Canadian society and to prepare/debrief those who go on cross-cultural experiences. He teaches New Testament Theology part time at Redeemer University College.
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Mike hosts the following activities during the academic term:
  • The Connection, a weekly fellowship group for undergraduate students.
  • Graduate Christian Fellowship, a weekly gathering of grad students who want to discuss together the joys and challenges of grad student life from a Christian perspective.
  • Fermented Faith, an informal Friday afternoon conversation at the Wave.
  • Faculty/Grad Student Book Club, a monthly discussion group of faculty and grad students on important and thought-provoking books.
  • Group of Seven, a weekly spiritual and academic formation group for graduate students seeking a career in the Academy.

Each summer, in addition to Graduate Christian Fellowship, Mike coordinates a series of monthly activities for any students around campus for the summer. For the summer of 2016, here are the dates/details (check out our Facebook page for more information):

  • Niagara Falls (Friday, April 29)
  • Canada's Wonderland (Friday, June 3)
  • MacBeth at Stratford Shakespeare Festival (Saturday, July 23)