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  • Student Gold Medal Awards: Congratulations!

  • Nanospectroscopy of DNA using Tip-enhanced spectroscopy in Lagugné's group


The Department of Chemistry at Western is dedicated to the discovery, dissemination and application of chemical knowledge through research, teaching and public service. We seek to maintain and enhance the stature of our Department as one with foremost research and teaching programs in the University and in Canada. We promote diversity through interdisciplinary programs of teaching and research while retaining a focus on excellence in all endeavors. We are dedicated to enhancing our academic leadership in research and teaching throughout the world by fostering concentration in selected areas. This vision is being fulfilled by effective recruiting at all levels from faculty to undergraduate students. [Find Out More]


  • Jun Li Receives Prestigious VUVX Award

    Jun Li, from TK Sham’s group, has been won the International 2016 Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics (VUVX) Award for his work on soft X-ray studies of iron oxide nanostructures.
  • Three Staff Employment Opportunities

    Applications are sought for a full-time Laboratory Supervisor position and two Limited-Duties positions to teach CHEM 1302B and 2003B.
  • Welcome Professor David Brock

    Professor David Brock will join Western Chemistry as an assistant professor in summer 2016.