Facts and Figures

Vision Statement

The Department of Chemistry at Western is dedicated to the discovery, dissemination and application of chemical knowledge through research, teaching and public service. We seek to maintain and enhance the stature of our Department as one with foremost research and teaching programs in the University and in Canada. We promote diversity through interdisciplinary programs of teaching and research while retaining a focus on excellence in all endeavors. We are dedicated to enhancing our academic leadership in research and teaching throughout the world by fostering concentration in selected areas. This vision is being fulfilled by effective recruiting at all levels from faculty to undergraduate students.

The Department:

Founded 1882
First Honours BSc in 1924
First MSc in 1927
First PhD in 1953
2000th BSc by 1990
200th PhD by 1986
300th PhD by 1998
Over 3000 Students Taught Annually
About 100 Students Graduating Annually
Currently 40 with the Honours BSc
3 Faculty Members in 1925
6 Faculty Members in 1950
8 Faculty Members in 1959
30 Faculty Members in 1975
31 Faculty Members in 2000
11 Staff Members by 1960
25 Staff Members in 2000
First publication in 1915
100 publications by 1962
1000 publications by 1975
2000 publications by 1985
4000 publications by 2000
Average Annual Research Revenue $4,000,000

Independent Chemistry Building in 1965
Chemistry Addition in 1975
Fumehood Renovations in 1997
B&G Synthetic Expansion (Jones, Pagenkopf, Ragogna), 2006
Major Building Addition (synthetic and physical), 2008
Year-1 students: ~1500 (core); ~650 (service)
Year-2 students: ~150 (core); ~750 (service)
Year-3 students: ~50 (Hons); ~40 (General)
Year-4 students: ~50
Intersession/Summer School: ~350

Western provides the best student experience among Canada's leading research-intensive universities.