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All WU phone numbers begin with 519-661-2111 then the extension


Faculty Member Email Extension
Blacquiere, Johanna M.John F. Corrigan jblacqu2@uwo.ca 81284
Corrigan, John F.John F. Corrigan jfcorrig@uwo.ca 86387
Gilroy, Joe B.Joe B. Gilroy joe.gilroy@uwo.ca 81561
Huang, YiningYining Huang (Chair) yhuang@uwo.ca 86384
Puddephatt, Richard J.Richard J. Puddephatt pudd@uwo.ca 86336
Ragogna, Paul J.Paul J. Ragogna pragogna@uwo.ca 87048
Stillman, Martin J.Martin J. Stillman stillman@uwo.ca 83821


Faculty Member Email Extension
Baines, Kim M. kbaines2@uwo.ca 83122
Gillies, Elizabeth R.Elizabeth Gillies egillie@uwo.ca 80233
Hudson, Robert H.E.Robert Hudson rhhudson@uwo.ca 86349
Kerr, Michael A.Michael A. Kerr makerr@uwo.ca 86354
Lee, Felix  flee32@uwo.ca 81485
Luyt, LeonardLeonard Luyt lluyt@uwo.ca
Pagenkopf, Brian L.Brian L. Pagenkopf bpagenko@uwo.ca 81430
Weedon, Alan C.  aweedon@uwo.ca 82900/83723
Wisner, JamesJames A. Wisner jwisner@uwo.ca 86864
Workentin, Mark S.Mark S. Workentin mworkent@uwo.ca 86319

Physical & Analytical

Faculty Member Email Extension
Constas, StylianiStyliani Constas sconstas@uwo.ca 86338
Ding, ZhifengZhifeng Ding zfding@uwo.ca 86161
Griffiths, Keith griff@uwo.ca 84141
Konermann, LarsLars Konermann konerman@uwo.ca 86313
Lagugné-Labarthet, FrançoisFrançois Lagugné-Labarthet flagugne@uwo.ca 81006
Semenikhin, OlegOleg Semenikhin osemenik@uwo.ca 82858
Sham, T.K.Tsun-Kong (T.K.) Sham tsham@uwo.ca 86341
Shoesmith, David W.David W. Shoesmith dwshoesm@uwo.ca 86366
Song, YangYang Song yang.song@uwo.ca 86310
Staroverov, Viktor N.Viktor N. Staroverov vstarove@uwo.ca 86317
Wren, J. ClaraClara Wren jcwren@uwo.ca 86339
Yeung, Ken K.C.Ken K.-C. Yeung kyeung@uwo.ca 86439

Instructional Faculty

Faculty Member Email Extension
Calvin, Kay  kcalvin@uwo.ca 86305

Professors Emeritus

Faculty Member Email Extension
Allnatt, Alan R.Alan R. Allnatt aallnatt@uwo.ca 86316
Baird, N. Colin  cbaird@uwo.ca 86324
Bancroft, G. MikeG. Mike Bancroft gmbancro@uwo.ca 519-661-4117
Bolton, James R. jbolton@uwo.ca -
Chan, Raymond rkchan@uwo.ca -
Cory, Robert M. rcory@shaw.ca 250-360-8448
Dean, Phil A.W.Phil A. W. Dean pawdean@uwo.ca 86331
Guthrie, J. PeterJ. Peter Guthrie peter.guthrie@uwo.ca 86352
Haines, Roland A. rahaines@uwo.ca 86160
Hunter, Duncan H.Duncan H. Hunter dhunter@uwo.ca 86347
King, Jim F.Jim F. King scijfk@uwo.ca  -
Kidd, Garth rkidd@uwo.ca -
Lorimer, Jack lorimer@uwo.ca -
Martin, Ron R.Ron R. Martin rrhm@uwo.ca 86314
McIntyre, N. StewartN. Stewart McIntyre smcintyr@uwo.ca 86703
Meath, William J.William J. Meath wmeath@uwo.ca 86334
Norton, Peter R.Peter Norton pnorton@uwo.ca 84180
Payne, Nicholas C.  noggin@uwo.ca 83793
Peterson, Nils O.  nils.peterson@nrc-cnrc.gc.ca -
Usselman, Mel C. usselman@uwo.ca 86308
Ware, William R. warewr@rogers.com -
Warnhoff, Edgar W. ewarnhoff@uwo.ca -

Cross-Appointed and Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Home Department
Choy, James Biochemistry
DeBruyn, John Physics and Astronomy
Dimov, Stamen Surface Science Western
Fanchini, Giovanni Physics and Astronomy
Goncharova, Lyudmila Physics and Astronomy
Hunter, Graeme  Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Lipson, Rob University of Victoria
Luan, BenBen Li Luan NRC IMTI
McGarvey, Brian  Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Mittler, Silvia  Physics and Astronomy
Shaw, Gary S.  Biochemistry
Sumarah, Mark W. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Yang, Dongfang National Research Council Canada 

Giovanni Fanchini

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