First Aid Kits and Responders

Locations of First Aid Kits and Responders:

  • Third Floor
    • Outside ChB 310
    • Closest responder: Amir Rabiee Kenaree (Gilroy lab)
  • Second Floor
    • Across from ChB 202 and by BGS 2006 (note two lab doors)
    • Closest responder: Huck Grover (ChB 217)
  • First Floor
    • Inside ChB 105 (lounge)
    • Closest responders: Rob Harbottle, Anna Vandendries-Barr, Lesley Tchorek
  • Ground Floor
    • Beside ChB 23
    • Closest responders: Yang Song
  • Ground Floor
    • Outside MSA 0216
    • Closest responders: Matthew Willans
  • Lower Ground Floor
    • Outside ChB 090 (old chemistry addition)
    • Closest responder: Ron Maslen  
  • Basement
    • Outside ChB 023 (electronics shop)
    • Closest responder: Yuhua Chen (Chemstores)

First Aid Kits should be inventoried once a month by the responder. Request for supplies for restocking should be sent to Oleg Semenikhin (, who will forward them to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS).

Restocking of First Aid Kits is the responsibility of OHS, currently administered by Mike Mosley (

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