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The Department of Classical Studies at the University of Western Ontario offers both undergraduate and graduate students a supportive and stimulating research intensive environment in which to explore ancient Greek and Roman culture. Students develop their knowledge and skills under the expert guidance of faculty members who, both in the classrooms and in their research, are engaged in a wide range of scholarly questions and approaches. By studying the ancient Greek and Roman worlds we gain a deep understanding of the origins and development of Western culture; even more importantly, we engage with important and enduring questions about what it means to be a thinking, reasoning human. As we address these questions, we benefit from a long and rich heritage from the Classical world: nearly three thousand years of language, literature, art, philosophy, and history. To consider these and other aspects of the ancient world by means of a broad variety of methods is a rigorous challenge, but one that trains the intellect, making us into careful readers, acute observers, articulate communicators and informed citizens. As one of the largest and most respected Departments of Classical Studies in the country, our department plays a leading role in nurturing the discipline across Canada, interacts regularly, through conferences, speaking engagements and publications, with the international community of Classicists, and at the same time we are proud to serve our immediate communities, both on campus at Western and in the city of London, Ontario.

Department of Classical Studies - The University of Western Ontario
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