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Dr. Burns Cheadle

Petroleum Geology

Burns Cheadle

Associate Professor & Chair in Petroleum Geology
P.Geo., P.Geol.
Ph.D. Western University, 1986
Office: BGS 1078
Phone: 519-661-2111 x.89009
Fax: 519-661-3198

Research Interests

Dr. Cheadle's research interests involve several interconnected themes in petroleum geology, with a particular focus on the petroleum resource potential of carbonaceous mudstone deposits. The characterization of such deposits requires integration of high-resolution sequence stratigraphy with organic geochemistry, submicron FIB-SEM microscopy and petrophysical reservoir characterization techniques. Addressing such questions as the relative contribution of tectonic, glacioeustatic, and palaeoclimatic driving forces on organic productivity and preservation, the research seeks to define carbonaceous mudstones in the context of petroleum systems.

Recent Presentations

Courses Taught

ES3372A/B Introduction to Petroleum Systems
ES4450Y: Regional Field Geology
ES4472A/B Applied Petroleum Assessment
GL 9566: Applied Concepts in Petroleum Geology
GL 9567: Regional Petroleum Systems Seminar


Jessica Flynn (Ph.D. candidate): Burial and thermal history modeling of the Upper Cretaceous Colorado Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin foredeep through back-bulge transect.

Mostafa Teama (PhD candidate at Suez Canal University, Egypt): Reservoir modeling of the El-Wastani gas field, onshore Nile Delta, Egypt

Mailyng Aviles (PhD program): Distribution of kerogen within mudstone microfabric: Possible implications for organic matter preservation.

Kevin Greff (M.Sc. candidate): Conventional oil petroleum system of the Cenomanian - Turonian Blackstone Formation,  Ferrier - Willesden Green - Gilby area, west-central Alberta. 

Peng Jiang (M.Sc. candidate): Pore morphometrics and thermal evolution of organic-matter microporosity, Colorado Group, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

Sarah Sweeney (MSc candidate):High-resolution allostratigraphy of the Upper Ordovician Georgian Bay and Blue Mountain Formations in Southwestern Ontario, Canada