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Writer-in-Residence, Fall 2012

Ivan E. Coyote

Please note that, after a great term packed with events, class room visits, and one-on-one meetings with Western students, staff and faculty, as well as members of the larger community, Ivan Coyote's time in the Department of English has come to an end. Information about our 2013-14 Writer in Residence will be posted as soon as it becomes available. Thank you for your interest.

Click here for a listing of Writer-in-Residence Fall 2012 Events.

HeitHailing from Whitehorse, and currently based in Vancouver, Ivan Coyote is an award-winning novelist, short fiction writer, oral storyteller, performing artist, and editor. Winner of the ReLit Award for her first novel, Bow Grip (2006), Coyote has also been shortlisted for acclamations such as the Ferro-Grumley Award for Women's Fiction, the Lambda Literary Award, and the Vancouver Public Library's “One Book, One Vancouver” competition. She has repeatedly been honoured by the American Library Association – Bow Grip was named a Stonewall Honor Book, and her short story collection Missed Her (2010) was included as a Top Eleven book in the ALA's “Over the Rainbow Books” list – and her instruction in schools and libraries across Canada has consistently inspired excited crowds. A renowned live performer, Ivan also tours high schools across the country, continent, and even in Europe with her anti-bullying storytelling-driven show, One in Every Crowd. In April of 2012 she is releasing a collection of short stories geared especially for gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and trans youth, which is also called One In Every Crowd. A multi-media artist with four CDs, numerous videos and short films, work in radio and television, and a wide range of collaborative performance projects to her credit, Coyote also maintains an active online presence, running a blog, posting on Twitter, and uploading videos of live storytelling events and musical performances to her website. Her capacity for outreach seems boundless, and might best be summarized by the following excerpt from her website:

telling stories not only to festival audiences, but to high school students, social justice activists, transsexual autoworkers, adult literacy students, and senior citizens all across the continent[,] Ivan believes in the transformative power of storytelling, and that collecting and remembering oral history not only preserves a vital part of our families and where we come from, but that a good story can help inspire us to reinvent a better future.

Coyote has taught creative writing classes and workshops at a variety of institutions, including Capilano University, the Vancouver Public Library, Carleton University, and the University of Winnipeg, and her past residencies have resulted in packed rooms, long waiting lists, and enthusiastic participants. She has led workshops prepared specifically for seniors and intergenerational family members wishing to write collaborative memoirs, and works to draw diverse communities together wherever she goes. Coyote will re-locate to make London her temporary home for the Fall term, providing the public in the London area with the opportunity to benefit from involvement with a writer who will be genuinely “in residence.”
- Biography by Tina Northrup

Visit Ivan online at

See the Western News article on Ivan.

Ivan Coyote’s Residency is co-funded by the James A. and Marjorie Spenceley Fund, Western’s Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Women’s Studies and Feminist Research, Office of the Registrar, Women’s Caucus, and the Student Writing Support Centre.

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