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Lead GTA Pilot Project

2013-14 Lead GTA: Leif Schenstead-Harris (; UC 125)

This initiative to improve the teaching effectiveness of TAs at a departmental level complements the general, interdisciplinary TA training offered by the Teaching Support Centre.  In order to support the Lead TAs in their own professional development during the year, the TSC will provide ongoing training and resources to the group on facilitation, peer mentoring and teaching excellence.  The Lead TA pilot program is a result of collaboration between the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, the Faculties, the GTA Union and the Teaching Support Centre.  If you would like to learn more about the program, please contact Lead TA Coordinator Aisha Haque.

My goal for the year as Lead Graduate Teaching Assistant is to complement the robust current pedagogical culture in our department through educational workshops, active mentorship, and the creation of a repository of helpful pedagogical aids. To accomplish these goals I will work with faculty and graduate students alike to offer carefully crafted workshops. Topics we will discuss are immediate and practical questions: small-classrooms teaching, efficient grading, new approaches to teaching, and a thorough understanding of the Graduate Teaching Assistant position. Workshop attendance is strongly recommended for graduate students interested in pedagogy and professionalization, and the hours spent can serve as credits toward the Western Certificate in University Teaching and Learning offered by the Teaching Support Centre. I am also available for individual consultation and, if asked, can observe graduate teaching assistants in action to provide confidential feedback to the teaching assistant. I'm excited to contribute to our existing culture of empathic, committed teaching and I feel proud to work alongside such dedicated professionals.

The schedule of dates for Fall 2013 LGTA workshops is posted here in PDF format.

The schedule of dates for Winter 2014 LGTA workshops is posted here in PDF format.

Please contact me at or find me at my office in University College 125.

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