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Andrew Moore (PhD '09) has accepted a tenure-track appointment in the Great Books Programme at St Thomas University, New Brunswick. Andrew is thrilled to return as a professor to the university from which he received his undergraduate degree.

Several current and former graduate students from our program, including Luke Maynard, Casey Stepaniuk, Thomas Stuart, and Eileen Wennekers, have chapters published in "Curious, if True": The Fantastic in Literature.

Ross Bullen (PhD '09) has accepted a nine-month appointment as an Assistant Professor of American Literature in the Department of English Literatures at Mount Allison University.

Congratulations to the editors of of the Word Hoard, a graduate journal of the Arts and Humanities at Western University, on the publication of their very first issue, Community and Dissent! From the editors: "Affiliated with Western's Graduate English Society, we are proud to have contributors and editors from multiple disciplines and departments, including American Studies, Anthropology, English, Comparative Literature, Theory and Criticism, and Women's Studies. We are also delighted to inform you that this inaugural issue includes the work of numerous members of the English department (please see our masthead for a full list). We'd like to thank our colleagues for their invaluable contributions to what we hope is the first of many interdisciplinary engagements with vital topics in the Arts and Humanities. Word Hoard is available to read online through Scholarship@Western. Find full text of all of our articles and responses here: You'll also find additional web-only content, such as interview excerpts, available on the site over the coming months."

Content Editor-in-Chief: Nina Budabin McQuown
Managing Editor: Leif Schenstead-Harris
Publications and Outreach Editor: Kevin Godbout

Recent PhD graduate, Alia Rehana Somani, has written and directed a series of vignettes called "Oh Canada, Oh Komagata Maru!” which was premiered in June 2012 in Toronto. "Oh Canada, Oh Komagata Maru!" is about one of the least known yet most significant episodes in the history of Canada. The Komagata Maru incident took place in 1914, when a group of 376 Punjabi migrants aboard a Japanese ship, the Komagata Maru, was turned away from Canada’s western seaboard and refused entry into the country. The Komagata Maru incident may have occurred almost 100 years ago, but it has not been forgotten. Instead it continues to haunt us, to reverberate in our nation’s consciousness. In fact, in 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper stood up in Bear Creek Park and declared that on behalf of Canada, he was sorry for the events of 1914. "Oh Canada, Oh Komagata Maru!" explores, among other things, this apology; it considers how much of our past is remembered and how much still remains buried; and most importantly, it asks us to relive the experiences of those who traveled to Canada in 1914 in search of a better life, and a better future. Congratulations, Alia!

PhD graduate Michael Buma (2008) recently published Refereeing Identity: The Cultural Work of Canadian Hockey Novels, a book discussing the hockey myth as presented in Canadian literature. Read all about it in the Western News!

Congratulations to Melina Baum Singer
, a doctoral candidate from our program, on co-editing this exciting new collection of essays: Cultural Grammars of Nation, Diaspora, and Indigeneity in Canada:

Congratulations to Western English PhD Keri Lamb
, who has just accepted a tenure-track job at Chattanooga State Community College in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In her teaching at CSCC, Keri will be able to share her two passions: literature and dance.

Congratulations to Kelly McGuire, Western English PhD, on the publication of her new book: Dying to Be English: Suicide Narratives and National Identity, 1721-1814.

Lindsey Bannister
, Western English MA and MLIS, has returned to Western as our subject librarian for English at Weldon Library.

Congratulations to Meghan Adams, a 2009 graduate of our undergraduate program who has returned to Western for her PhD in 2011. Meghan was winner in the Short Story category of the CBC Literary Awards for 2010. Here's what the jury said: "Off-beat and whip-smart, 'Snapshots from my Father's Euthanasia Road Trip, or, Esau' chronicles an unlikely father-daughter car ride from the Bay of Fundy to a suicide date with the Don Valley Bridge in Toronto. The story manages to strike a perfect note between humour and tragedy, between irreverence and a deadly-serious tenderness. A completely compelling, perfectly entertaining, work of fiction. See Meghan's story at

Dave Hickey, a doctoral candidate in our program, recently published his second book of poems, Open Air Bindery (Biblioasis Press, 2011). This collection offers "a tightly fantastic collection of songs, stories and covenants ranging across everything from art and astronomy to snowflakes and suburbia, each poem a small instance of colliding light, playful and humorous and profound." David is a past recipient of the Milton Acorn Prize and the Ralph Gustafson Prize. For more information, see

As well, David has published a children's book,A Very Small Something. Listen to the story, narration by our own Professor John Leonard, music by Jason Noble, a gradaute of Western's Master of Music program, here:

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