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Tutor/Editor Referral Service

The following is a list of graduate students in the Department of English who have expressed an interest in providing private tutoring and/or editing services. The Department posts this list without commenting on the qualifications or on the quality of persons named herein and assumes no liability related to tutoring/editing services. Individual rates charged may range anywhere from $10-40 per hour.


Areas of Specialization

Contact Information

Meghan Adams Proof-reading and Editing; Essay-writing Techniques; Twentieth Century Literature; Critical Theory. madams42@uwo.ca
Madison Bettle
General proof-reading, editing, and essay writing for all disciplines (Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences, and Business). Tutoring available for high-school and undergraduate students in English.
226-926-0867 or
David Carlton Medieval/Renaissance literature (Old and Middle English), general composition, linguistics, history of the English language, textual studies, and medieval history. 519-282-3790 or dcarlton@uwo.ca
Caroline Diezyn American Literature, 20th C literature, Literary Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, 19th C British and Irish Literature. Proofreading, editing, writing and research skills. cdiezyn@uwo.ca
Taylor Kraayenbrink Canadian Literature, American Literature, British Modernist Literature, Victorian Literature, Restoration and 18th Century, Shakespeare, Literary Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Proofreading and editing. tkraaye@uwo.ca or
Emily Kring General proof-reading, editing, and tutoring for essay-writing across multiple disciplines (Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Business); Copy editing for professional writing (proposals, scholarship applications, and manuscripts intended for publication). Research areas of expertise include Canadian literature, Critical/cultural theory, Indigenous studies, and Postcolonial literature and theory. emily.l.kring@gmail.com
Farrah Nakhaie Composition, editing, and proof-reading. Specializing in 20th Century British Literature and textual studies. fnakhaie@uwo.ca
Kristen Niles Canadian Literature, 20th Century British Literature, Irish Literature, Literary Theory, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Proof-reading and editing, writing and research skills, legal and professional writing skills. kniles7@uwo.ca
Christine Penhale Professional tutor and editor with six years’ experience in the following subjects: English, business, nursing, political science, philosophy, social work, criminology, history, sociology, marketing, ethics, creative writing, and high school English curriculum (grades 8-12). Genres of editing expertise include: essays, term papers, case study analyses, creative writing, general course assignments, research papers, M.A. theses, dissertations, resumes and cover letters, university applications, and fiction and non-fiction books. penhale2@shaw.ca or
text 604-816-6429
Logan Rohde General tutoring, proofreading and editing (all disciplines), developing writing skills, essay consultation and coaching, research and note-taking strategies. Specialized in 19th-Century British Literature (especially Romanticism), American lit, and Theory. lrohde@uwo.ca
Shazia Sadaf Post colonial; Victorian literature & language; World literature in English; Literary theory. (Editing/proof reading). ssadaf2@uwo.ca
Megan Selinger General proof-reading and editing, writing skills, and research techniques. Specialized in Shakespearean studies, theatre studies, and 19th Century literature (Romanticism and Victorian literature). mseling@uwo.ca
Mohammad Sharifi Tutoring in essay writing (advanced and general), American Literature, Literary theory and criticism, and ESL (TOEFL and IELTS exams); Proofreading and editing; Translation (English/Persian). mshari5@uwo.ca
Kate Traill
General essay writing (all disciplines); proofreading and editing (all disciplines); GRE/LSAT tutoring; translation (French/English); business/professional writing (including proposals, statements of interest and scholarship applications).
ctraill@uwo.ca or
text 519-859-9794