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Bonita Mok, UWO English class of 2008
Marketing Coordinator, Thomas Allen & Son, Ltd.
"In publishing I get a chance to work with books, market them, sell them and stand behind them. It is a really fulfilling job. Everyday I use the analytical skills and reading skills, along with creative and flexible thinking I developed doing an English degree at Western. It’s inspiring to know that people are looking for graduates with a general arts degree because we are able to think outside the box."

Heather Desserud, UWO English class of 2007
Public Affairs Consultant, Bluesky Strategy Group
“My job involves creating brochures, writing for the website, and media relations... With English, you learn how to read carefully, how to turn research into a coherent paper, and you learn to think critically-- skills that gave me an advantage in the job market."

Jessica Clark, UWO English class of 2006
Marketing Manager, University of Ottawa Press
"As marketing manager at a university press, I am in charge of promoting a wide range of scholarly books. Being an English major gave me both the knowledge and the skills I need for my position. Having a broad understanding of literature, literary theory and literary history gives me a special understanding of books that touch on these areas, which in turn helps me to promote them. Every day I use the writing skills I developed during my degree to persuade readers, researches and librarians to buy our books. Whenever anyone asks me about the English program at Western I speak highly of it because I received excellent instruction from my English department professors."

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