Western University
Campus donation locations:


Room 57 (Western Foot Patrol)

Animal Care & Vet Services

MSB 509

WVB main office

Support Services Building

Lobby area, by Tim Horton's, by rear doors

Western Student Support Services Room 4100

Western Engineering


SEB near Tim Horton's and front lobby

Thompson Engineering Building



Social Science Centre

One box in each department in SSC:

Dean’s office – 9438 SSC

-       Economics – 4071 SSB

-       DAN program – 4330 SSC

-       Political Science – 4154 SSC

-       Sociology – 5306 SSC

-       SSNDS  – 1008 SSC

-       Psychology - Room 7422

-       Anthropology - 3326

University College Main foyer
Elborn College EC 2555A and front lobby

Physics & Astronomy

In new atrium area

The Research Park at Western - Stiller Centre, Convergence Centre, Mogenson Building


Outside room 120 (across from elevator)


New Ivey Building

Brescia University College

Lobby of St. James Building

Lobby area of Clare Hall Residence

Ontario Hall Lobby area
Westminster Hall Front Lobby
Classics, Writing, Women's Studies LH 3260
Centre for Activity and Aging Mount St. Joseph's Building (Windermere and Richmond) Room 110
Faculty of Health Science Outside Dean's Office area - second floor
Saugeen Main entrance area