Office of Faculty Relations

Annual Performance Evaluation


The purpose of the Annual Performance Evaluation is to:

  1. Provide an annual assessment of performance that allows recognition of a Member’s achievements and identifies areas for development in the Member’s Teaching, Research and/or Service activities as appropriate to the Member’s Academic Responsibilities and Workload
  2. Provide for formative support and mentoring
  3. Provide a basis for salary increments linked to performance



Timeline Changes (Since Fall 2011)

ItemOld DateNew Date
Identify APE criteria Nov 1 2011
Dec 1 2011
Criteria available to Members* January 15 March 30
Annual Report due February 15 November 15
Committee assesses March 15 January 15
Copy assessment to Member April 15 February 15
Deadline for meeting with Dean April 30 March 15
Performance scores to UWOFA June 30 July 31

*in relation to next academic year


Annual Report Forms

APE Feedback Forms (Revised October 2011)