Office of Faculty Relations

Work Permit Renewals

In accordance with Canadian law, all Foreign Nationals employed at Western on a work permit must renew their work permit if their appointment continues past the expiration of the original work permit and if they have not received permanent residence.  Foreign Nationals without a valid work permit or implied status will not be paid.

Applications to extend your stay in Canada as a Worker can be found on the IRCC website.  Foreign nationals on probationary or tenured appointments may require a new Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to apply for a second work permit.  Please contact the Office of Faculty Recruitment and Recruitment and a Faculty Recruitment Consultant may apply for a new LMIA on behalf of the employer, if requried. Please note that it may be easier to obtain a new LMIA if an application for permanent residence has already been made by the Foreign National.

Applications can be made electronically through the IRCC website.  Processing times, as posted by CIC, tend to be faster for online applications compared to traditional paper applications sent through mail.  

Required Documentation

Please ensure that you review the CIC website beforehand to ensure that all necessary information has been included in your application to extend your work permit.  The following documents will need to be included in your electronic submission:

Please remember to renew your Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) when you receive a copy of your new work permit.