Faculty of Health Sciences

Teaching Award of Excellence for Coaches

Teaching Award of Excellence for Coaches

About the Award

Who is Eligible?

All full-time and part-time coaches in Intercollegiate Athletics are eligible

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Clarke Singer (Kinesiology/Men's Hockey)


Ray Takahashi (Kinesiology/Wrestling)

Award Criteria

The award recognizes the contributions that coaches make through varsity sports to the overall experience of student-athletes at Western in:

  1. Settings of competition, practice, life skills, leadership, mentorship, and academics
  2. Promoting balance in academic, athletic, and social life and c) preparing for the transition following the student-athlete experience

Nomination Procedure

Step 1: Nomination Form

  • Submit nomination form (below) - due by March 1
  • Nominations can be made by students/faculty/staff/alumni
  • Students are encouraged to inform the Director of SRS, Therese Quigley, of their intent to nominate a coach
  • The candidate must approve of the nomination
  • FHS Subcommittee on Teaching Awards committee members are not allowed to be nominated or to nominate individuals for this award


Step 2: Dossier

  • Nominee dossier is submitted by April 15 (or the next business day of April 15 falls on a weekend)

Requirements for Dossier

  • One or more supporting letter(s) [maximum six] from peers or relevant authorities summarizing the nominee’s strengths and noting the various contributions made to teaching excellence in a coaching setting
  • It is recommended that a peer review be included
  • One or more supporting letter(s) [maximum six] from student-athletes
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • Brief coaching dossier, including a Coaching Philosophy statement
  • Administrative support will be provided for all nominations. Nominators may contact the Dean's Office for additional support or assistance as required


  • A supporting letter from the Director of SRS

The Documentation

  • The material submitted to the FHS Selection Committee should relate directly to the current nomination
  • newspaper clippings relating to other awards or relaying rather unfocussed opinions are unacceptable
  • Letters dealing specifically with teaching in a broad context are more useful than letters relating to the nominee’s standing in the profession or to other matters
  • The Committee would strongly suggest that letters of support be solicited by the nominators rather than the candidate

Note: The original and one copy of all nomination documentation is required

Step 3: Selection Process

  • Dossiers are reviewed by the Faculty of Health Sciences Teaching Awards Committee to select the award recipients