Faculty of Health Sciences

Meritorious Service Award

Meritorious Service Award


Western’s Strategic Plan states, "above all other resources, Western’s people are the key to its success and must be the central focus of any strategic plan".

This critical focus on people is re-iterated in the Faculty of Health Sciences’ Four-Year Strategic Plan. Staff support the academic mission allowing faculty and students to devote much of their time and energy towards the search for truth and the application of knowledge, Veritas et Utilitas, Western’s objectives since 1878. The University recognizes the crucial role of staff and indeed one of the Commitments outlined in the Making Choices document is to:

"Develop an effective and visible means of recognition of exceptional performance by staff"

In renewing its commitment to staff, Western’s strategic plan states, "As the complexity of the work environment increases, the University’s success becomes increasingly dependent upon:

  1. Operations designed for greatest effectiveness with clear roles, expectations and accountabilities
  2. Committed and fully accountable members of the Western community with the skills, knowledge, motivation and abilities to achieve our objectives
  3. A culture that demands and supports quality, individual and collective achievement, effective partnerships and the best use of time and talent.

Western’s staff are central to the University’s ability to create this framework for success."



All full-time regular staff who have been employed for at least three full years in the Faculty of Health Sciences are eligible for consideration for this award.

View Previous Winners

2016 Gord MacDonald (Dean's Office)
2015 Shannon Woods (Kinesiology)
2014 Cathy Collins (Health & Rehabilitation Sciences)
2013 Tina Czyzewski (Occupational Therapy)
Wendy Mandigo (Kinesiology) 
2012 Janet Harman (Communication Sciences and Disorders)
2011 Neil Fulford (Office of the Dean)
2010 Joanna Crabb (Physical Therapy)
2009 Wanda Chebott (Office of the Dean)
Linda Brown (Office of the Dean) 
2008 Jenn Symmes (Kinesiology)
2007 Helen Kerr (Occupational Therapy) 
Angela Law (Nursing) 
2006 Marion Lewis (Kinesiology)
2005 Rick Strange (Office of the Dean)
2004 Eileen Grainger (Office of the Dean)
Denice Litzan (Nursing)
Nancy Caley (Communication Sciences & Disorders) 
2003 Tova Zarnowiecki (Kinesiology)
Dawn Munday (School of Health Studies)
Pat Darling (School of Physical Therapy) 

Nomination Process

Step 1: Nomination Form

Nominations and applications are due by April 30 should be accompanied by the following:

  • Letter of nomination or application detailing the reasons for the submission
  • Letter of recommendation from the supervisor
  • Letters of support from at least three colleagues

Nominations, applications and all supporting documentation should be submitted to:

Krys Chelchowski
Office of the Dean
Faculty of Health Sciences - Room 200G
Arthur and Sonia Labatt Health Sciences Building
London, Ontario CANADA N6A 5B9
Telephone: (519) 661-2111 ext. 86695
Email: kchelcho@uwo.ca

    Step 2: Awards Selection

    Will be made by committee from the nominations received. The committee will consist of four (4) of the following members:

    • Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences (Chair)
    • Associate Dean, Programs, Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Associate Dean, Scholarship, Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Director of Administration, Faculty of Health Sciences
    • Previous Year's Award Winner

    Step 3: Award Presentation

    The award will be presented at the Faculty of Health Sciences' Spring Celebration in June.