Faculty of Health Sciences

Outside the Gates: FHS in the community

The Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) is proud to play an important role in helping Western University extend its reach into the community. A special issue of Western News - the official voice of campus - showcased a sampling of the programs, organizations and people who make strong contributions to the wider community and help create a better quality of life for those in London and surrounding areas. Six of those featured areas call the Faculty of Health Sciences home. Read about them below and discover what the Faculty of Health Sciences and its people add to the community.

Bringing vigour to the community

The Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging opened in 1989 and has been helping older adults in the community stay active and live healthy lifestyles ever since. 
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Bringing necessary skills to the community

Learning it Together, a student-led organization, helps elementary school children develop learning skills through play-based activities. Read More

Bringing well-being to the community

Kinesiology professor Michelle Mottola is helping pregnant women in the community get active and learn more about their health. Read More

Bringing support to the community

Health Studies professor Shauna Burke's CHAMP Families program helps families overcome challenges associated with childhood obesity. Read More

Bringing comfort to the community

Nursing professor Abe Oudshoorn works closely with the London Homeless Coalition, whose mission is to end homelessness through coordinated community responses.
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Bringing compassion to the community

Cancer Care Talks, developed by Health Studies professor Anita Cramp, gives those touch by cancer a place where they can feel safe and get the support they need.
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