Faculty of Health Sciences

Funding Opportunities

Tri-Council Funding Initiative

1. What is the “FHS Tri-Council Funding Application Initiative"?

It is $1,000 in research support for any FHS faculty member who is the principal investigator on a tri-council funding application.

2. What is the purpose of the “FHS Tri-Council Funding Application Initiative”?

Taking the lead role in applying for major funding requires significant time and effort and we want to reward the efforts of FHS researchers.

We want to increase the number of tri-council applications submitted and our success rate in tri-council competitions.

3. What funding applications are included in this initiative?

All applications to NSERC, SSHRC, and CIHR.

4. Who is eligible for this initiative?

Any FHS faculty member who is the principal investigator on an application reviewed by FHS reviewers, and submitted through FHS and Research Development Services at Western.

To be eligible, applications must be submitted for internal peer review by a panel of FHS reviewers. This process for submission requires that:

  1. The principle investigator notifies the Associate Dean of his/her intent to submit an application for review at least 4 weeks before the internal deadline for signatures on the final application.
  2. The principal investigator submits a complete copy of the application to the Associate Dean at least 3 weeks before the internal deadline. This copy is distributed to a team of FHS peer reviewers who will review the application and provide the investigator with feedback and recommendations within 2 weeks.
  3. The principal investigator revises the application and submits the final copy for signatures, accompanied by the required ROLA form in the appropriate timeline for timely submission of the application. Applications submitted through another Faculty at Western, or through another university are not eligible. Each FHS faculty member can access this initiative only once within a 12 month period.

5. How do I get the funds from the initiative?

  1. Once the application is submitted under the conditions noted above, you will receive a letter from the Associate Dean asking you to complete a ROLA form to set up a research account and have the form approved by your School Director and the Associate Dean.
  2. On the form, indicate how you plan to spend the $1,000 (i.e., personnel, graduate student support, travel...).
  3. Once the account has been set up, the funds will be transferred.

FHS Faculty Research Development Fund (FRDF)

The Faculty Research Development Fund (FRDF) is a newly established fund, supported through Western’s SSHRC Institutional Grant (SIG), Western Strategic Support (WSS), and the Faculty of Health Sciences. FHS will use its allotment of the FRDF to strengthen research related to any Tri-Council or other external agency.

FRDF Objectives

The program has four overall objectives:
  • Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP) development
    • Support and training of undergraduate or graduate students and postdoctoral scholars
  • Increased publication activity
  • Increased external funding activity
    • Both in submission numbers and successful applications
  • Increased awards and distinctions activity
    • Both in submission numbers and successful applications

Funding opportunities

To foster the achievement of these objectives, a limited amount of funds will be available annually via a competitive process for three (3) types of funding opportunities:

Development Grants

  • Maximum of $5,000
  • Funds to support developmental projects that have as their longer term goal either larger projects or programs of research
  • Developmental projects are defined as those that will move the research program toward eligibility for external funding
  • Only in exceptional circumstances will funds be allocated for a stand-alone project and applicants will be required to justify why this is the case

Travel Grants

  • Maximum of $1,500
  • Funds to support travel for presentation at scholarly conferences

Collaborative/Planning Grants

  • Maximum of $4,000
  • Funds to support the creation of teams/partnerships/collaborations within and outside FHS and Western, that have the explicit goal of the pursuit of large-scale externally-funded research

Eligibility, process and deadlines


  • The Principal Investigator must be an FHS faculty member who is eligible to hold a research account at Western

Application Process

The following items must be included in the application (2-page maximum plus 2-page CV):

  • Category of proposal (Development, Travel, or Collaborative/Planning)
  • Overview of the project (i.e., significance, objectives, methodology)
    • For Travel Grants, please provide the name and dates of the conference, scope of the organization (national/international/regional), and your role (conference planning committee, symposium organizer, keynote speaker, podium/poster presentation, etc.)
  • Projected next steps (how this grant will foster external funding success)
  • Brief budget and timeline
  • 2-page CV to include record of grant funding and publications, including applications submitted but not funded

Application Deadline

  • Applications must be submitted no later than September 16 to Gord MacDonald

Fund allocation criteria

Funds are allocated based upon the following criteria:

  • Support for Highly Qualified Personell (HQP)
  • Excellence of the proposed research and potential to advance future research outcomes in FHS
  • Development of new scholars able to assume a Principal Investigator role
  • Evidence of previous attempts to obtain external funding
  • Long-term potential impact on field
  • For travel grants, presentation of a peer-reviewed scholarly paper/poster and/or other significant conference role