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Faculty members in the School of Health Studies are engaged in impactful research across a number of health-related areas. Click on a faculty member's name to view their full profile and learn more about their research.

Research SupervisorsResearch Interests

Belliveau, Dan

  • Three-dimensional representations of anatomy and their enhancement of the learning environment
  • The influence of competition on learning

Burke, Shauna

  • Infant, child, and youth health
  • Childhood obesity
  • Measurement and promotion of physical activity in children and adults
  • Breastfeeding and infant feeding practices
  • Health promotion
  • Group dynamics

Charland, Louis

  • Mental health diagnosis
  • Psychopathology of affectivity
  • Decisional capacity
  • Addiction
  • Cross-cultural psychiatry

Donelle, Lorie

  • Health promotion
  • Health literacy of health care providers and clients
  • Health information technology use among health care providers and clients

Irwin, Jennifer

  • Obesity prevention and treatment
  • Motivational interviewing and life coaching interventions
  • Promotion of health-related physical activity and dietary intake behaviours
  • Tobacco and smoking behaviours

Johnson, Andrew

  • Neural efficiency, information processing speed
  • Interaction between cognition and motor function
  • Identification of patient values within an evidence-based practice framework
  • Identification of concussion, and tracking concussion symptoms

Kirkwood, Ken

  • Ethics of ingestion
  • Moral understandings of things humans put in their bodies
  • Recreational and performance-enhancing drug use
  • Food ethics
  • Social class issues and disparities of health and health care provision

Kloseck, Marita

  • Health promotion
  • Community capacity building
  • Age-friendly cities and communities
  • Community health, aging and optimizing seniors’ health and independence
  • Health and function of older individuals living in the community
  • Threats to independence with advancing age
  • Peer-led education models to improve chronic disease outcomes

Kothari, Anita

  • Knowledge translation and exchange
  • Public health services

Lee, Chris

  • Golden Section Hypothesis

Orchard, Treena

  • Sexuality
  • Gender and Health
  • Community-based research with a range of different populations, including female sex workers, Aboriginal men and women, gay men and youth

Polzer, Jessica

  • Sociology of health and illness
  • Social theories of health, risk and the body
  • Experiences of health and risks to health
  • Social and ethical impacts of technologies in health
  • Biotechnology, gender and medicalization
  • Critical theories of health promotion
  • Foucault, biopolitics and governmentality

Savundranayagam, Marie

  • Communication and formal and informal caregiving
  • Person-centered care for individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related dementia
  • Caregiver interventions

Sibbald, Shannon

  • Health and Health Systems
    • Public Health, Health Promotion and Population Ethics
  • Interdisciplinary Research
    • Combining the methods and theories from a variety of disciplines to create innovative solutions to health systems challenges
  • Knowledge to Action and Implementation Science
    • How communities of practice share knowledge
    • How knowledge flows through primary health teams
  • Integrated Knowledge Work
    • How policy makers use evidence in decision making
    • How executive leaders manage organizational knowledge 

Zecevic, Aleksandra

  • Aging and health
  • Gerontology
  • Falls and injury prevention in the elderly (systems approach)
  • Safety culture in health care
  • Dementia, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis
  • Biomechanics (gait, balance, mobility)
  • Age Friendly Cities