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Meet Adam


Showing his school spirit at a Western Mustangs football game.

Hometown: London, Ontario

Program: Health Studies

Year: Fourth

My favourite thing about Western: My favourite thing about Western is the people. Students, staff, professors, professionals and the overall community are so friendly and supportive; they are not afraid to introduce themselves and lend a helping hand. There is a unique culture and community at Western and I love it!

Why I chose Health Studies: The interdisciplinary and holistic nature of Health Studies offers a broad and solid educational foundation in the field of healthcare. It leads to a variety of career pathways and allows flexibility for you to study what you are really interested in. It's also helpful for your own personal knowledge - which reminds me, I really should start cutting my potato chip addiction soon...

My campus/community involvement: I try my best to get involved and foster my own personal growth and development outside of the classroom! I have participated in the following major roles: 

The best place to study on campus: "Club Weldon" - The student term for Weldon Library 

My favourite class: Is napping a class? But really, Health Sciences 3030 & 4030: Occupational Health and Safety.

Best place to eat on campus: The Wave! My friends and I in first year would go to The Wave for dinner every week on Wednesdays, which we called "Wavey Wednesdays."  But then it turned into every month after we checked our bank accounts, haha!

UC Garden

The back of University College...Western's version of Hogwarts?

Best way to meet other Health Studies students: Volunteering! You'll be surprised by how much Health Science students get involved on campus and in the community.

Three words to describe being a Health Sciences student at Western: Passion. Growth. Advisor (Many people ask for health advice from you!).

What I to be when I grow up: Occupational Therapist

Favourite Western "postcard" location: University College. Hogwarts, anyone? 

My favourite Western memory: Ugh, so many! Receiving a card from a first year student saying "Thank You" for being their mentor.