Sports Management LabWestern Health Sciences

2011-12 Course Outlines

All course outlines are the intellectual property of the instructor and are covered by copyright laws. Any reproduction or use is by express permission of the instructor of the course.  If a course is not listed here, it was not offered in 2011-12.


1001B - Personal Determinants of Health
1002A - Social Determinants of Health
2000A - Critical Issues and Debates in Health Sciences
2045B - Emerging Trends in Health Care
2250A - Health Promotion
2300A/B - Systemic Approach to Functional Anatomy
2610G - Introduction to Ethics and Health
2700A - Health Issues in Childhoog Adolesence
2711B - Health Issues in Aging
2801A - Research Methods in Health Sciences
3010F - Introduction to Rural Communities
3030A - Understanding Occupational Health & Safety in Today's Workplace
3040B - Health Management
3042A - Cross Sector Health Parternship Models
3050A - Health Related Quality of Life
3071A - Determinants of Health & Disease
3250G - Global Health Promotion
3290B - Special Topics in Health Promotion
3300A - Anatomy of the Human Body: A Description of Systemic Structure & Function
3400B - Health Policy
3630A - Sexuality, Gender & Health
3701A - The Aging Body
3704A/B - Population Aging & Health
3801A - Measurement & Analysis in Health Sciences
3820B - Personal Constructions of Health
4030B - Advanced Occupational Health and Safety
4044B - International Health Systems Comparison
4131B - Movement Disorders
4200G - Advanced Health Promotion
4202A - Health Behavior
4205B - Health Program Evaluation
4245B - Individual & Community Partners in Health
4320A - Human Embryology
4351B - Disease Mechanisms
4400B - Advanced Health Policy
4410A - Future of Health Care
4610G - Professional Ethics
4702B - The Aging Mind
4710A - Palliative & End of Life Care
4711A - Gerontology in Practice
4730G - Disease, Disability & Function
4900E - Health Practicum I
4910F/G - Health Practicum
4990F/G - Independent Study
4991F/G - Independent Study


3090B-001 - Current Issues in Rural Health
3091A-001 - Integrative Health
3091A-002 - Enabling Health & Well-Being Through Occupation
3091B-001 - Health & Music Performance
3091B-002 - Health Implications of International Migration
4090B-001 - Health Care Costs & Challenges
4090B-002 - Health Care Law
4090B-003 - Guidelines for Physical Activity & Exercise in Older Adults
4091A-001 - Population Health Interventions
4091B-001 - Rehabilitation Psychology


3060A - Health Conditions and Disease
3061B - Foundations in Rehabilitation Science
3062B - Functional Neuroscience for Special Populations
3360B - Musculoskeletal Disorders in Rehabilitation Sciences
3760A - Rehab for Childhood Disorders
4210B - Health Promotion for Persons with Disabilities
4810A - Evidence-Based Practice in Rehab Sciences