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The Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) program is competitive and combines several areas of study to develop a unique perspective on health-related issues..

Future StudentsFuture Students

Western's School of Health Studies provides students with a world-class learning experience, but beyond the walls of the classroom lies a variety of activities that help students develop and grow as individuals.

Academic CounsellingAcademic Counselling

Academic counselling is available to students in the School of Health Studies and is intended to help them get the most out of their learning experience at Western.

After GraduationAfter Graduation

The School of Health Studies is dedicated to helping its students find meaningful and fullfiling options once they complete their undergraduate program.

Courses OfferedCourses Offered

Wondering what courses you could take as a student in the School of Health Studies? Looking for a course outline? We have an archive of courses from the last four year for your reference.

Dean's Honour ListDean's Honor List

Students who complete a minimum of 4.0 courses during the fall/winter session (September-April) and achieve an average of 80% or more with no failed courses earn a spot on the Dean's Honor List.

Health Studies Students' CouncilStudents' Council

Many students looking for leadership experience become part of the Health Studies Students' Council. Shape the future of School of Health Studies and join the HSSC.

AwardsAwards and Financial Aid

Find all the necessary information about Student Scholarships and Awards through the Office of the Registrar.