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Procurement Services was established by the University as a service department and seeks to obtain the maximum value for every dollar that is spent on supplies, equipment and services. The aim of this information is to explain some of the things that the people in our Department do, and to provide information regarding policies and procedures so that you can make better use of our services.

This information will be updated as required. An important part of this process depends on the comments, information and suggestions received from you, the users. Your comments are encouraged and should be addressed to the Director of Procurement Services.

519 661-2038
Fax: 519 661-3772
SSB 6100

Krische, Elizabeth
Director of Procurement Services
519 661-2111 x84576

Alcorn, Helga
Senior Buyer, Building Products / Vehicles

519 661-2111 x84590 SSB 6171
Barlas, Tabindah
Coordinator - Procurement Services

519 661-2111 x87927 SSB 6190
Granger, Paula
Procurement Services Coordinator

519 661-2111 x84579 SSB 6190
Heaton, Jim
Procurement Manager, Scientific Products and Research

519 661-2111 x84581 SSB 6159
Jeffs, Peter
Procurement Manager - Business Products

519 661-2111 x84584 SSB 6157
Krische, Elizabeth
Director of Procurement Services

519 661-2111 x84576 SSB 6161
McGill, Kristen
eProcurement Manager

519-661-2111 x85444 SSB 6153
Maxwell, Jennifer
Buyer-Business/Scientific Products

519 661-2111 x84580 SSB 6190
Roth, Scott
Senior Buyer - Research

519 661-2111 x82779 SSB 6151
Tieszer, Deb
eProcurement Trainer

519 661-2111 x87658 SSB 6190
Verhagen, Janice
Senior Buyer

519 661-2111 x84583 SSB 6190
Watson, Erica
Administrator - Procurement Services

519 661-2111 x88563 SSB 6190
Fowler, Alexis
eProcurement Manager

519 661-2111 x88117 SSB 6173

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