Procurement Services: Asset Disposal Requisition Form Instructions

  1. Faculty or School / Department Name
    Enter the full name of your department or faculty.

  2. Date
    Enter the date the Requisition is prepared.

  3. Description
    Enter the name of the manufacturer and model number whenever possible.

  4. Estimated Resale Value
    Enter a realistic dollar amount that could be expected for the resale of the item. This information is not released to prospective buyers.

  5. Condition
    Enter an "X" in the appropriate box to indicate the condition of the item.

  6. Location of an Asset
    This area should be completed in every instance showing building and room number.

  7. Particulars of Original Asset
    Details of the original purchase are important in providing an analysis of our Asset Disposal Program. Understandably, this can be a difficult task on old equipment. Please complete this section as fully as possible.

  8. Asset Information
    Indicate whether the items are to be advertised for sale, picked up for disposal, donated, scrapped or transferred to another department.

  9. Suggested Prospective Buyers
    Enter the name and address of anyone you think may be interested in purchasing the item under remarks.

  10. For Further Information Contact
    Enter the name and phone number of the person in your unit who could best answer questions concerning the item.

  11. Credit Proceeds to the Account Number
    Enter the account number you wish to be credited once the sale of the item is complete. All transactions will be completed by journal voucher, cheque (from UWO employees), certified cheque, or cash.

  12. Hazardous Materials
    If this asset has been in contact/use with a hazardous material, identify material as: Chemical, Radioactive, Biohazard, PCB, Asbestos, Freon, or Other. The Department of Occupational Health & Safety must be contacted as well by your department.

  13. Initiated By
    Enter the name of the person completing the Requisition.

  14. Authorized by
    Asset Disposal Requisition (.pdf) must be signed in accordance with the signing authorities for Purchase Requisitions.