Procurement Services: Electronic Requisitions

We are excited to be able to offer you a simple, electronic way of submitting your purchase requisitions rather than completing the current paper based PO form.

There are many benefits to using this new process. It’s extremely simple to use, data is automatically defaulted in for you wherever possible, and the description that you enter on-line for your goods/services is exactly what you see on your statements. In addition, your order gets out to the vendor much quicker.

 Procurement Services has committed to making requisitions received electronically a priority. Typically, requisitions are approved, processed and faxed to the vendor within four hours. If using a new supplier, the requisition may be processed the next business day.

We are encouraging all users to sign up for electronic purchase requisitions. You may continue to use the paper process for some purchases while using the electronic process for others. Both alternatives will be available to you.

The system checks the authority of the operator before allowing a requisition to be submitted. This means that requisitions can even be entered by a user who does not have signing authority, and then submitted by someone else who has appropriate authorization.

To get started, please call 661-2111, ext. 85432 to request more information about the electronic purchase requisition system and a new user set-up form, or print the forms from the links at the top of this page. Once we receive your forms, we will contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit you and help you submit your first electronic requisition.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Lilly Ross  (ext. 85432).

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