Procurement Services: Acquisition of Computer Equipment

A: Definition of "Computer Equipment"

"Computer equipment" means digital processing units, computer systems, peripheral equipment -- magnetic disks, tape drives, etc., supplemental memory, computer terminals and workstations, digital communications equipment, and software.

B: Information for Prospective Purchasers

  1. Procurement Services is formally responsible for concluding purchasing agreements on behalf of all parts of the University, including negotiating special contractual terms with vendors, where appropriate. In performing this role, they offer guidance and assistance to purchasers at all stages in the acquisition process, including making the initial contact with prospective vendors, issuing a Request for Information or Request for Proposal (RFI or RFP), selecting the successful bidder, issuing a letter of intent, negotiating the final contract, completing the purchase requisition and gaining requisite approvals. For major purchases, the Department will assign an officer to assist throughout the acquisition process. For smaller purchases, it is sufficient to keep the department informed of acquisition activities and ensure that they are involved in all formal or contractual aspects of the acquisition, as required by University policy.
  2. Prospective purchasers are urged to consult with appropriate staff members of the Division of Information Technology Services (ITS) prior to issuing a Purchase Requisition. Purchasers of microcomputer equipment or software may also check with staff of the Campus Computer Store to obtain advice and pricing for supported products. Hardware Services (the maintenance services arm of ITS) can advise as to maintenance and repair services available. The products carried at the Campus Computer Store are fully supported by Hardware Services and ITS.
  3. Equipment which may be connected to networks or to the centrally-operated service computers should be discussed with ITS. ITS is concerned with access to central data bases and administrative information systems, as well as office automation applications. ITS is also concerned with the planning of computer networks and other matters relating to computing equipment and services.

C: Approval of Purchase Requisitions

  1. Purchase Requisitions for all types of computer items should be forwarded to Procurement Services as usual.
  2. Requisitions in excess of $300,000 require approval by the Senate Committee on Information Technology and Service (SCITS). The Committee usually meets monthly and materials for presentation to SCITS should be forwarded by the prospective purchaser to the Senate Office TWO WEEKS in advance of a meeting of SCITS.
  3. Supported software and hardware up to a value of $1000 may be acquired through the Campus Computer Store directly without a Purchase Requisition when a valid University account number is provided by authorized individuals.

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