Procurement Services: Ethical Practices

When communicating with vendors, keep in mind that Western employees represent the University.  Strive to develop the best long term value for Western and promote the University as an organization noted for fairness. This includes avoiding situations where you might gain personally, even if only in the short term. You can accomplish these objectives by:

  1. giving vendors a full and courteous hearing;
  2. keeping competition open and fair;
  3. being truthful in all statements;
  4. declining to take advantage of a seller's errors;
  5. respecting confidence of vendors;
  6. discouraging revision of bids after submission and insisting on receiving the best price first and holding the bidder to it; and
  7. only making strict business obligations, keeping your personal life separate.

Enforcement Procedures

The following procedures shall apply unless otherwise governed by provincial legislation.

Cases of members reported to have breached the Ethical Code shall be referred to the Institute or Corporation for review by their Ethics Committee.

A. Complaint Process

Allegations of a breach to the Professional Code of Ethics shall be made in writing by the witness to the Institute or Corporation.

  1. Upon receipt of the complaint, the Institute or Corporation will send an acknowledgment of receipt to the witness and will advise the accused in writing that he or she is under investigation, and the nature of the complaint.
B. Investigation
  1. The Ethics Committee will conduct an investigation, which will include the opportunity for the accused to present his or her own version of the facts.
  2. The Ethics Committee will, within a reasonable period of time, present its report to the President of the Institute or Corporation. The report will include the nature of the complaint and the decision as to the dismissal of the complaint, or the sanction to be applied.
  3. The President will then send the decision to the accused, who has thirty days to appeal.
  4. If the accused decides to make a request of appeal, then the request must be in writing to the President.
  5. The President will convene an Appeal Committee meeting with the witnesses, the accused and all other persons who could have new information about the case.
  6. The Appeal Committee will make its decision within 30 days of the receipt of the request of appeal. The decision of the Appeal Committee is final and without appeal.

C. Sanctions

  1. Where a case is proven, an employee may, depending on the circumstances and the gravity of the charge, be reprimanded up to and including termination.

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