Procurement Services: Research Grants and Budgets

It is very important at both the grant application, post grant approval stages, and the purchase stage that complete quotations are obtained for goods and services required. This is to ensure the costing is accurate, legal and policy requirements are fulfilled, and the best value for money is realized. Procurement Services works with the researcher and supplier community to satisfy these requirements in accordance with proper process.  The researcher always determines the specifications and ultimately makes the final decision at acquisition time.


To ensure the integrity of the grant application as well as minimize the risk of cost overruns after the grant is received, Procurement Services follows a checklist as part of the quotation process. Below are some specs to ensure cost/value accuracy:

  1. General Considerations and Questions for Vendors:
  1. Considerations and Questions for Researchers:
  • If I bought everything on my list, will my lab be fully operational?
  • Verify compatibility with existing or new equipment and/or software.
  • Will the equipment fit in the proposed lab space?
    • Physical dimensions and weight of assembled equipment.
  • If the physical size and weight of the equipment is an issue, how do we get the equipment to the lab?
    • Physical dimensions and weight of shipping containers
    • Will the containers/crates fit into an elevator?
    • Are the containers/crates too heavy for elevators?
    • Do we require rigging/cranes to get the containers/crates into buildings?
    • Do we require a moving company to get the crates from the dock to the lab?
    • Will the floor path from the dock to the lab sustain the weight of the pallet truck?
  • Do we need to engage Facilities Management for lab renovations?
  • Does the equipment require oxygen, water, air filtration, specialty gases (or Nitrogen), special electrical requirements, fume hoods, etc.?
    • Consider a Nitrogen generator instead of Nitrogen rental cylinders.
  • Identify if any of the following are contained within the equipment you are receiving: X-Rays, Lasers, Class IIIB or higher, anything potentially dangerous (i.e. mercury, radioactive materials, etc.).
    • Once a grant is awarded, these items should be communicated to Occupational Health and Safety to allow sufficient time to acquire permits and arrange safety training.
  • Are anti-vibration tables for sensitive instruments required?
  • Does the vendor have installation manuals available for their equipment?
Application/Budget Stage:

 At the Application and Budgeting stage, the researcher develops an equipment list for inclusion in their grant application and defines the specifications for the equipment for the RFQ document. For your convenience, a Specification Writing Document and a Research RFQ Template are available online. Pleaes download the RFQ form, complete and distribute when you require quotations from the vendor community. It should be communicated to the vendor at this stage that we are making no commitments to order the equipment from them.
To track the project costs for application and budgeting purposes, the Costing Sheet Template (.xsl) can be downloaded as well. 


Purchasing Stage:

When the grant becomes successful, Board Policy 2.8 on obtaining quotes (.pdf) will then apply (unless the agency has a more stringent requirement):

UWO Policy 2.8:

When obtaining quotations from vendors, the following policy must be followed:

Note: For items valued over $25,000.00, but under $100,000.00 and deemed to be “sole source”, the researcher must complete an exception report and forward it to Procurement Services with the Purchase Requisition.

Acquisitions over $100,000 must be openly bid on the Merx internet open bid system. To obtain quotations from suppliers over $100,000.00, we work with the researcher to develop a formal “Request for Proposal” and post it on Merx for 15 days. The responses from vendors are required to be presented in a specific, organized format which is useful for evaluation purposes. We present the proposals to the researcher for their consideration and evaluation.

Note: On CFI grants, the CFI will not accept “Sole Source” orders unless it can be proven using the open bid process.

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