Facilities Management

Kudos 2014

June 18 - Landscape & Caretaking Services via Email

I wanted to pass along my great appreciation on behalf of the Institute for the fine condition of Ivey as host of our Babson Entrepreneurial Research conference last week. The school looked great- and I know there were many workers who still have jobs to do, but stepped aside and cleaned up to allow us to shine. Please pass along our thanks to any you may recall who went that extra mile to showcase Ivey. Cheers, David Simpson

May 26 - Landscape Services via Twitter @DarrenMSage

Darren Sage @DarrenMSage: Walked around campus today. Man it always gets more beautiful even after 4 years. @westernu pic.twitter.com/aqAGg2c0SV

Western University ‏@westernU: @DarrenMSage we still love it, even after 136 years! @westernuFM does an incredible job on our grounds #soproud VIEW

May 22 - Caretaking via Twitter @WesternHistoryD

@westernuFM We have such awesome caretakers in Stevenson & Lawson Hall. They do a great job! #westernu VIEW

May 21 - Landscape Services/Caretaking via Twitter @WesternHistoryD

@westernuFM The campus is looking amazing! Thank you to everyone for their hard work! #westernu VIEW

May 2 - Caretaking via Twitter @GLCafe_WesternU

Thanks to @westernuFM staff at London Hall we are all set to do some Great Hall Catering! #Helenarocks #westenu pic.twitter.com/pXXdUQ18Pv VIEW

May 2 - Caretaking via Twitter @GLCafe_WesternU

@westernuFM staff at London Hall are the best people! Just #savedmylife. #western #thankyou. Working together to be the best!! VIEW

April 25 - Caretaking via Twitter @westernuReg

Thanks to our friends in @westernuFM & Hospitality Services for your support during exams! We used 72 different locations to hold exams! VIEW

March 31 - Communications via Twitter @jujujucav

Went out of my way to make my account public so that I could tweet at @westernuFM :) VIEW

March 21 - Caretaking via Twitter @bhavprajapati

@westernu @westernufm Facilities Management YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! #westernu #transformers #morethanmeetstheeye pic.twitter.com/ru3VtXd9QK VIEW

March 20 - Caretaking via Twitter @TheSarahKay

can I just say a huge thank you to the caretakers at #westernu who work hard at all hours of the day. VIEW

March 6 - Landscape Services via Twitter @westernu

Bhumika Deb ‏@BhumikaDe: @westernu Lookin good #since1878

@BhumikaDeb @westernuFM keeps our grounds in tip top shape! #since1878 VIEW

March 5 - WES/Controls via Twitter @jujujucav

Thanks to @westernuFM I am no longer hyper. #cooleddown #thankful #bliss #zen VIEW

February 25 - Sustainability via Twitter @Olivia_Griggs

Thanks @GreenWesternU @Success_Centre @westernuFM for making Our Green Campus series possible! Module 2- Energy Usage at Western. VIEW

February 5 - Landscape Services via Twitter @PhillipaMyers

Awesome staff thanks! MT @westernuFM: the snow is piling up. FM crews are out in full force again today #westernu pic.twitter.com/vVB5KeCZev VIEW

January 27 - Landscape Services via Twitter @GLCafe_WesternU

Thanks to all the Western staff who plow and clean our walk ways in this cold. What a great job you do! @westernu @westernuFM VIEW

Education Library ‏@westernulibsEDU; @GLCafe_WesternU @westernu @westernuFM Yes, we would like to add our sincere thanks also. THANK YOU!

January 27 - Landscape Services via Twitter @_NicoleForbes

Nicole Forbes ‏@_NicoleForbes: @westernuFM the hill at Elgin hall at the parking lot needs a really good salting if I'm going to be able to get out with my standard trans

FacilitiesManagement ‏@westernuFM: @_NicoleForbes thanks for the tweet, Nicole. We've notified our crews. #staysafe

Thanks @westernuFM! It was from earlier today, after class it was nice and clean! Thanks for being on top of the hills! VIEW

January 22 - WES/Controls via Twitter @A_vanLieshout

Western University ‏@westernu; @whatsadukas where are you finding it cold? @westernuFM can help you #warmup

@westernu @whatsadukas @westernuFM UWO is the best school ever. superlative deemed appropriate. VIEW

January 6 - Landscape Services via Twitter @jeff_armour

A huge thank you to @westernuFM and the work crews making campus accessible. @westernu has a great team there! #WesternU #ldnont VIEW