French 9005
Intensive French
Reading Course

Course outline

Professors: Ivan Chow & Valérie Prat

1.0 credit course offered online from September until April and from May until July.

Is this course for you?
French 9005 is geared toward graduate students capable of independent study. If you feel you can keep up with the workload without a classroom setting and regular meeting times, and if you like the freedom of not having to show up for class, you should enjoy this course. (And in that case, you're welcome!) If, on the other hand, you feel the need to have face to face contact with your professors and have trouble seeing yourself learning autonomously, you may want to rethink your decision to take this class; you may want to explore other options available to you within the Department of French Studies (e.g., French 1002, French 1010). If that is the case, you should seek advice from the Department’s undergraduate secretary. Please note that French 9005 does not fit into a prolonged French learning program. Because it concentrates on reading and translating, it doesn’t serve as a prerequisite for more advanced French language courses. 

How to register?
To register, please fill out this form and obtain approval from the Graduate Affairs Assistant in the Department of French Studies. Once the approval is given, the home program will enrol the student in the course.

What is this course?
The main objective of French 9005 is to help students attain a reading knowledge of French, and, therefore may be used as a language requirement for many Graduate programs. The course provides basic tools to understand French texts and to translate them. It is not meant to help you speak French, nor does it focus on French writing.

Graduate students are registered in 9005 in order to fulfill their language requirement; they are evaluated on a “pass or fail” basis, 60% being the minimum passing grade. In addition to the quizzes and midterm, the final exam is a compulsory evaluation for the course – all students will have to complete the final exam in order to receive a grade.
Quizzes 48% (8 quizzes, 6% each)
Midterm 12%
Final Exam 40%

How does this course work?
French 9005 is based on both an OWL/WebCT site and a textbook, Reading French in the Arts and Sciences (available at the bookstore). The course’s structure does not follow the book’s chapters; instead, it is divided into twelve modules. You will find links to these modules, numbered 1 through 12, on the OWL/WebCT site. The modules should be completed consecutively. This class is designed to keep you from falling behind. You will have a limited time to complete each module and the corresponding evaluation –in most cases a quiz. However, you may easily work ahead. Any given quiz may be written ahead of its respective deadline. Only the final exam and the midterm have a fixed date.

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