Summer French Courses

French courses found in the Academic Calendar but not listed on this page are not currently being offered. The Senate-approved Academic Calendar general course descriptions can be found on the website of the Office of the Registrar.

The syllabus for each cours will be available on the course's webpage on the first day of the term during wich the course is offered.

For course descriptions, pre-requisites and anti-requisites, please consult UWO's Academic Calendar.

(**Should there be any discrepancies between the departmental website and that of the Registrar's website, the latter is to be taken as true and correct.  All course information, including but not limited to textbooks and marks breakdown may be changed without notice.)


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Intersession - In class (May 13 - June 21)

French 1002:  Intensive French

Professors: Heather Kirk & Ken Fanni

French 1910:  University French (Level I)
Professors: Veranika Barysevich & Rita Graban

French 2905A: Language and Reading
(First half of the session: May 13 - June 3)
Professor: Pascal Munyankesha

French 2906B: Language and Expression
(Second half of the session: June 3 - June 21)
Professor: Ghislain Nickaise Liambou

Distance Studies -- Online (May 6 - July 26)

French 2207B: French for Public Administration

(6 weeks -- second half of Distance Studies session: June 17 - July 26)
Professor: Diana Buglea

French 2208A: French for Health Care Professionals
(6 weeks -- first half of Distance Studies session: May 6 - June 17)
Professor: Iryna Punko

French 2209A: French for the Media
(6 weeks -- first half of Distance Studies session:  May 6 - June 17)
Professor: Alena Barysevich

French 3300: Intensive Translation II
Professor: Ken Fanni

French 3900: Language (Advanced Level III)
Professors: Olga Kharytonava & Pascal Munyankesha

French 9005: Intensive French Reading Course (for Graduate Students ONLY)
Professors: Valérie Prat & Ivan Chow

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