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Health Care Spending Account

Scientist with Molcules

Postdoctoral Associates are provided with a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), to reimburse those Employees for expenditures on health, dental, vision and other medical expenses incurred under non-taxable private health services plans, including eligible premiums to other eligible health insurance plans (eg. SOGS Health Plan Premiums).

Eligible expenses include expenses that qualify for the medical expense tax credit, as defined by the Income Tax Act (Canada) and its Regulations. The spending limits per annum under the Health Care Spending account will be as follows:

Manulife Financial is the administrator for this benefit.  You may seek reimbursement for medical expenses incurred by completing a HCSA Claim Form and sending it to Manulife Financial.  If you don’t use all the credits allocated to your HCSA in the calendar year, the remaining credits will be carried forward and added to any credits for the following year. At the end of the second calendar year, tax law requires that any credits remaining from the previous calendar year’s allocation be forfeited.