Western Staff and Leaders' ConferenceWestern University

Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel & WindEEE mini-dome

Image:Wind TunnelFri. Feb. 20th, 3 Tours: 9:00am, 10:00am, and 11:00am
(45 minutes)

The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel (BLWTL) researchers, staff and students have carried out innovative design studies on major structures around the world and examined the effects of wind on tall buildings, long-span bridges, transmission lines, chimneys and other wind-sensitive structures. Researchers also work on solving environmental problems such as air-born pollutants, wind-driven rain and predictions of the effects of severe wind storms. 

The WindEEE mini-dome model (currently situated at the BLWTL) is a small-scale working model of the full-size facility at Western’s Advanced Manufacturing Park. The WindEEE Dome represents a technological breakthrough in the study of wind-related phenomena and has the capability of simulating high intensity winds – including tornados, downbursts, gust fronts or low-level nocturnal currents – that cannot be created in existing wind tunnels.  The WindEEE Dome will be used to understand the impact of storms on buildings and structures, wind turbines, forests and crops.  It will also improve the positioning and design of wind farms and the study of pollutant and contaminant dispersal.

Meeting Location: Lobby of Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel. Entrance at south of building.