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Librarians and Archivists moved to the Academic Pension Plan at Western University

As a result of the most recent collective agreement between the University and eligible Librarians and Archivists, these members have moved from the Administrative Pension Plan to the Academic Pension Plan.  This means all future pension contributions by members, and those made by Western, will be put into the Academic Plan.  Members were asked to make a one-time election regarding the level of contributions they wish to make to the Plan – either 1.5% or 5.5%, and a few other decisions.

What action was taken?

Eligible Librarians and Archivists received a letter and package outlining options and required decisions and were asked to complete and return the “Librarians and Archivists Election Form for the Academic Pension Plan” by July 16, 2012.

The form asked that you do the following:

What will happen with the money I already had in a Western Retirement Plan?

The election form offered you the opportunity to transfer your existing assets, now in the Administrative plan, into the Academic Plan.  By making the transfer, you will have all your money in one Plan. When submitting changes in the future, you will only need to submit forms for one plan instead of both the Academic and Administrative plans.

What happens if I do not submit a form on time?

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