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NOTE: the deadline for entries has been extended to June 16, 2015
(Enter by 7:59 pm Eastern Daylight Time or 11:59 Greenwich Mean Time)

If you have an excellent piece of coursework
then international recognition is only a few steps away!

What are The Undergraduate Awards?

The Undergraduate Awards acknowledge excellence in undergraduate academia across all disciplines through an international call for top scholarly submissions. Students submit high-quality coursework to compete against top undergraduate scholars from around the world.

Why should I submit my coursework?

Recipients of The Undergraduate Awards are invited to Dublin for an all-expenses-paid trip to receive their medal and attend a three-day Global Summit. All winners are published in the Undergraduate Journal, which is circulated internationally. Students selected to receive The Undergraduate Awards also have access to support, the UA network and other opportunities to raise their profiles and further their career paths.

In 2014, 11 Western students were invited to attend the Global Summit in Dublin as their papers were selected among the "highly commended."  Milani Sivapragasam, a graduate of the Bachelor of Medical Sciences program, received the winning medal in the category of Medical Sciences.

Watch this video from The Undergraduate Awards 2014 (featuring three Western students!) to hear about the experience.

Who is eligible to apply?

What can I submit?

Any piece of individual undergraduate coursework that received an "A" grade or higher.

Selection Criteria

Students are chosen for their innovative approach to their subject area – "creating world-class research to tackle some of the world’s toughest challenges." The Undergraduate Awards gather a panel of academics in each field to anonymously assess the work. They select the top 10% in each category, and from that, the winner.

How it works

Step 1: Students register online at Interested students should do this step immediately to hold their space and ensure they will be able to submit their final papers by the deadline.

Step 2: Fill out a quick online form to tell Western International about your intent to submit to The Undergraduate Awards, then consider connecting with your professor to get feedback and polish your paper.

Step 3: Once their paper is polished, students will submit them independently to The Undergraduate Awards via the website at by the June 16 deadline. Students submit their coursework online, making sure their name and university is not included in the actual submission.

There is no fee to register or enter your work. Students may enter up to three individual submissions.

The Undergraduate Awards Global Summit 2014

Group of students and faculty at Global Summit 2014

Pictured above are, from left, Michael Milde, Arts & Humanities dean; Julie McMullin, Vice-Provost (international); Taylor Rodrigues, Philosophy & Theology; Noren Khamis, Literature; Jennifer Komorowski, Literature; Lauren Ouellette, Classical Studies; Mei Wen, Medical Sciences; Shawn Therien, Law; Milani Sivapragasam, Medical Sciences; Jamie Rooney, Literature; Rachel Bath, Philosophy and Women’s Studies; Myles Maillet, Pyschology; Surer Mohamed, International Relations; Lise Laporte, Director, International Learning; and Joel Faflak, School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities Director. (Absent: Rowan Morris, Literature)

More Information

The Undergraduate Awards website

For more information contact:

Lise Laporte, Director, International Learning
519-661-2111 ext. 85489