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How to Apply

Before You Apply

Application Process

1. Submit one Online Application. Go to Atlas, Western's international experience portal

Please note: Students may submit only ONE application through the Atlas system for an international program for the upcoming year.  Additional exchange destinations or program options can be listed in the Program Selection section of the application under the "Optional Program/Destination" dialogue box. Please do not submit multiple applications.
(Please see below for the application questions). 

2. Academic Reference form (available on Atlas). 

3. A $50 application fee will be charged to your student account (there will be a box for you to check within the online application).

4. Some programs have additional requirements. Please see below to determine if you are applying for such a program.


Ontario/Baden-Württemberg (OBW) Program:
  1. Supporting Documents for OBW Application
  2. Download Applications from OBW website (bottom of page)
Ontario/Jiangsu (OJS) Program:
  1. Supporting Documents for OJS Application (bottom of page)
  2. Download Applications from OJS website (bottom of page)
Ontario/Maharashtra Goa (OMG) Program:
  1. Supporting Documents for OMG Application
  2. Download Applications from OMG website
Ontario/Rhône-Alpes (ORA) Program:
  1. Supporting Documents for ORA Application
  2. Download Applications from ORA website (bottom of page)
Killam Fellowship Program:
  1. Killam Fellowship Application Instructions
  2. Killam Fellowship Application

If the exchange program you are applying for is not listed above, you only need to complete steps 1-2.

Questions found on online application:

Question 1: Why do you wish to be considered for a Western exchange program? (Personal and Academic reasons).

Question 2: Please list any extra-curricular and volunteer activities that you have been involved in over the last two years.

Question 3: What have you done to prepare yourself to live in a culture different than your own? How do you think you will cope with the differences?  

Question 4: Discuss your academic reasons for selecting the university and potential courses.

Question 5: Living overseas and being away from family and friends can be stressful. Please tell us about a stressful experience in your past and how you dealt with it.

Question 6: How did you hear about the International Exchange Program?