Writing for the Web

How do you write clearly for the Web?

Below are some key points to consider when writing content for your web page:

  • Put the main message first.

    Determine what the key message is that you are trying to convey on your web page and put it first. Next put what will interest most users. Put further details that only some users want on other pages that are linked from the main page.

  • Keep it short.

    You can often convey the essential message in half as many words as you think. Be succinct. Concentrate on one topic per page, and one main idea per paragraph. Keep your paragraphs short. One sentence is often enough. Keep your sentences short. Users need to grasp the meaning quickly. You can often put secondary information in another sentence, in a table, in fragments, or leave it out entirely.

  • Use the users' words.

    The Web is available globally. Should you change words to reach a world-wide audience.  Even though you are writing for a Canadian University site, you want people outside of Canada to understand the content.

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